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07-04-2005 4:39 PM

hey <BR>im looking at getting a camcorder for myself as i already have a dslr to take pictures with. Im on a budget as i broke my ankle playing lacrosse so im not caddying and bringing in the big dollars. Im looking for a camcorder to do primarily sports. Skate/snow boarding and wakeboarding. It would also be nice to have a wide angle lense for it if possible as skating gets kinda close. Any suggestions as to a good one.

07-07-2005 9:50 PM

Try Hi-Def with Sony HDR-FX1 for about $3000 or HDR-HC1 for about $2000. <BR> <BR>Other than that there is the sony Sony DCR-HC90 $800

07-07-2005 11:49 PM

Nick, <BR>If you want a quality camera you need to make sure it has 3chips. (3CCD's) A 3chip camera is what sets consumers apart from prosumers. It will probably run you 1,000 bucks, but you should be able to find one for about that. And if want to be doing sports make sure you have a high shutter speed. Good luck. <BR>-Colby <BR>TFDvisual

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