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tige_kid 06-30-2005 10:45 AM

Right now i ride the hyperlite brodcast 4'6, but i am looking into a phase 5 or inland surfer which is better! <BR> <BR>BTW, Im 5'5 155

wkerat 06-30-2005 8:26 PM

i have a inland red chubby and a phase 5 prop and would pick the prop any day. I have also been on the oogle, both very nice for a skim style board. I have not been on the new inlands though.

vandal 07-01-2005 6:50 AM

Oh, the Phase 5 for sure (Prop). Much more fun to ride than just about any other wakesurfer out there.

natedawg 07-02-2005 3:05 PM

Phase 5 <BR>No questions asked

wakesurfer54 07-04-2005 9:49 PM

ya phase5 no doubt

4sher 07-05-2005 3:02 PM

Check out the new Inland Surfer Orange Phlemn. It rocks. It's about 4'5" and it's twin tip. It has a fin in the front and back. Guys are easily doing 180s, 360s, shove-its... you name it. It's really fast and due to the rocker setup you can ride it with a really wide stance without nose-diving.

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