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davidbr1980 06-30-2005 8:26 AM

I just bought a skimskate 4 6", went from a landlock. I've been able to ride the landlock with no problems. I can go as long as I need, can even throw 3's on it. But went out yesterday with the new board and couldn't even ride the damn thing. I could surf it if I stayed close to the boat but if I fell back a little I just lost it. My wake is almost waist high and has never been a problem with the landlock. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong.

wrgodsend 06-30-2005 9:59 AM

David, I've got the skimskate too, same size. And we can't let go of the rope either. We're all avid surfers and we're wondering why it won't stay in the sweetspot. I'm looking for another board, how was that landlock?

davidbr1980 06-30-2005 10:34 AM

The landlock is a good board for just riding, but when you want to start pulling tricks on it, it is just to long. I got my 360 down on it by switching out the fins, but to my skill level thats all I can do on it. Thats why I bought the smaller board inorder to try more things.

parkcityxj 06-30-2005 9:45 PM

I got to ride my skimskate today (can only ride behind big V Drives as my DD doesn't throw a big enough wake) for the first time in a while and I realized how much I love it compared to the Broadcast and my landlock. <BR> <BR>You need to ride the Skimskate much more aggressively compared to the Landlock or Broadcast. You also need to ride a little closer to the boat. It's hard to just stay in the pocket w/o slashing or pumping constantly but it can be done. I can't go back as far as on the landlock but it have lots of fun buttering it and attemping three's on it, which I hope to have someday! I also feel that you have to ride the skimskate more front foot heavy. <BR> <BR>I'm also 6'3" and about 195 lbs. My skimskate is the smaller one, 4'6"?

davidbr1980 07-01-2005 7:35 AM

well i went out last night and after about 500 more pounds in the boat it did much better. didn't land a 360 on it yet but i'm riding alot better and able to slide it and carve it easier. I did notice though that it is actually harder to break out of the water then my landlock having put parks fins on it. Has anyone taken the two cupped fins on the sides of the skimskate off, or did it make it too loose.

iamnathanhudson 07-15-2005 11:13 AM

Hey jay, <BR>I am one of the few on my lake to be riding a skimskate and the reason I love it so much is that it is more front foot heavy. There is nothing more annoying than wearing out your back leg leaning back the whole time. I am a pretty light guy so i can just stay in the pocket anytime. The skimskate is by far the most fun wakesurfer i have ridden to date. Has anyone checked out the surf skate from trick boardz? I am not a big fan of their other boards but you should check out the video of the surf skate. It blows my mind what those guys are doing on it. <BR>-Nate

niap101 07-16-2005 3:57 AM

This is the link to the Surf Skate video: <BR><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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