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will_smith 06-28-2005 1:35 PM

I have trouble landing all of my toeside jumps. I can cut hard into the wake and keep a progressive edge. I have the pop and air but when it comes to landing TS I don't know the mechanics. A word from the wise would be nice. Thanks.

06-28-2005 3:06 PM

ya the same thing happens to me whenever i try and land toeside.

06-28-2005 5:47 PM

The key for me is all about rope positioning. Its easy to land heelside sloppy but toeside you need proper technique or youll crash. Hold the rope tight and low to your lead hip. the whole way thru the jump. this will help your balance. practice this one one wake for a while then go w2w.

tparider 06-28-2005 9:59 PM

exactly - try one wake first, and as you do it, concentrate on landing and continuing your on your toeside edge. If you need to, let go with your back hand, but still keep your leading hand close to your hip. Gradually work up to w2w. Practice...

06-28-2005 11:59 PM

one thing you could try in addition to the other tips is lengthening up your rope so you have a little more space to land between the wakes. so put some heat on your progressive edge and really try and jump w2w ts at 75-80ft once you start gettting closer, pull that rope all the way in and start landing it and learning how to edge away... once you can do it all the way in, let your rope out, little by little.

mmobius2001 07-06-2005 10:37 PM

you also could try moving the rope alittle away from you (still close to your hip) just away, like if your right foot back move it to the far left side of your front hip, you want to move the handle in the opposite direction you want to go, this will help you edge in that direction. Also you want to stand tall the whole time that will keep you in correct postion, if you bend your knees you could bend at the waist then you are all screwed up.

will_smith 07-07-2005 8:46 AM

yea, that must be my problem. I bend my knees when I get airborn and lose my edge (i guess) when I land. I am landing with my back to the boat but am not edging. The boat either pulls me over or I do a reverse sideslide. I'll try the tip, thanks everybody.

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