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dbjts 06-23-2005 4:51 AM

Iím looking to invest in a digital camera mainly for use with wakeboarding and other fast action events, the one I have now is so old itís powered by coal and you need a time delayed fuse to take a picture. Money no object within reason but my technical knowledge could be written on the back of a postage stamp and still leave room for my address. <BR>You know the advice Iím looking for shutter speed resolution megapixals digital and optical zooms etc. I donít want something so big that I need a suitcase to carry it or so technical that I need to go back to college for three years to operate it. <BR>Ideally I want someone to say yes what you need is a XYZ1 its good quantity and easy to use, and then 10 more people to say yes thats the one to get. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dbjts on June 23, 2005)

dbjts 06-23-2005 9:28 AM

Thatís good QUALITY not QUANTITY

Walt 06-23-2005 6:04 PM

Dave, <BR>Try DPreview.com they have really good camera reviews. <BR> <BR>I had a Nikon 5700 (now called 8700) and it did a really good job for a compact camera. <BR>A 8X zoom should be enough for wakeboarding and I would look for 5 meg or higher. <BR>I would also look for a camera that has at least 1000 and higher shutter speed. <BR> <BR>I now use a Canon Rebel and love it. It's really easy to use and takes great wake pics but it might be physically to large for your taste and it takes different lens for different applications. <BR> <BR>Good luck, <BR>Walt

dbjts 06-24-2005 12:40 AM

Thanks Walt thatís a great site. The Nikon is now an 8800 frightening isnít it as soon as you get one out of the box its been superceded by the next model.

Walt 06-24-2005 6:10 AM

No doubt...It's hard to keep up.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

06-24-2005 10:07 PM

i agree with walt. the canon digital rebel may be to big for your liking along with the lenses. that nikon is also a really good deal. you can never stay up with the newest camera so just invest in what your comfortable with. i would though suggest going to a store and looking at a degital rebel. it may be just what you want. The shutter speed will be much faster in the rebel because its a digital slr. The Nikon you will have to "prefocus" and prepare for the shot. thats the main advantage i see.

07-16-2005 8:22 AM

I stand by the Digital Rebel, anyone got the new XT model yet? Is it worth the upgrade?

scott_a 07-16-2005 2:54 PM

the XT is a considerable step up over the regular rebel. if i remember correctly some of the improvements are: more megapixels, new light sensers, faster autofocus, better lens options, etc. if you already have the rebel id keep it, but if youre in the market for a new camera, id buy the XT in a heartbeat. again, check out dpreview because they have some GREAT camera reviews. in them they compare the two cameras so that should answer every question you could possibly have, and then answer some more haha.

ord27 10-12-2005 9:46 PM

has anyone mounted a lcd screen from the illusion x tower? <BR>or on the dash and made it look good? <BR>or hidden as a pop-up feature in the dash <BR>I already have a great camera (canon XL1s) and a 7" monitor...just want to be able to use it in my BU <BR>thanks

ord27 10-12-2005 9:48 PM

what kind of hands free phone setup does anyone have? <BR>would be nice to hear the phone ring through the speakers...so there would be no need to "have to listen for it"

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