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blakjax2290 06-22-2005 8:38 PM

Went wakeboarding today and after taking a beating from trying to learn a wake to wake 360 i busted out my skimboard. This skimboard is a $30 wooden off-brand board that i bought 6 years ago at a shop by myrtle beach, SC. A week ago i put a 4 year old byerly 2 inch fin on it. It is 34 inches long and 19.5 inches wide. I made a bet with my dad that if i could surf for at least 8 seconds (rodeo rules) without the rope he would pay for HALF of any board i wanted to buy. This was my first time ever trying wakesurfing so he didnt think it was possible. I got up on it first try and after about 4 tries i was able to let go of the rope and surf (for about 12 seconds) I'm so stoked cause now I can get any board and it will be affordable to me. Probably could have surfed longer if i had kept trying. Anyways just thought it was a cool story so i thought i should share it. <BR> <BR>P.S. Any suggestions on a board are welcome. Also i was wondering if anyone has surfed any of the Walker project boards because they look sick and seem promising as far as performance. Any feedback?

natedawg 06-22-2005 10:21 PM

Phase 5 Boards are awesome. I'd recommend the Phase 5 Prop. I have a Hyperlite Broadcast 4'8" and wish I'd gone with the Prop. Awesome board.

wakesurfer54 06-23-2005 12:20 AM

natedawg knows wut his talking boutthats wut i go sick board <BR>

surfdad 06-23-2005 9:18 AM

Hey Blakjak, I just dropped 4 demo's of Walker Project boards, you are referring to, with Arun Frances at his new shop Ohana Board Shop. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.ohanaboardshop.com/" target="_blank">http://www.ohanaboardshop.com/</a> <BR> <BR>As I'm sure you know, Arun won the Men's Amateur at the Worlds last year, so he can ride a 2x4 and make it look easy! You might check with him after he's had a chance to ride them, telling him your comfort and skill level. He'll steer you right. <BR> <BR>

niap101 06-24-2005 10:11 AM

Blakjak <BR>Since you started on a skim board and liked it, you might want to stick with that style. Trick Boardz "descended" from a cheap plywood skimboard. I went out with a friend on his 1/4" plywood skimboard and loved it. As I watched the board I saw that it curved upward while being ridden. I tested that design and that is how we came up with the patent pending shape of Trick Boardz. Check us out at <a href="http://www.TrickBoardz.com" target="_blank">www.TrickBoardz.com</a>

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