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wakesurfer54 06-21-2005 1:18 PM

can any one help me with bigspins wakesurfing ive tried one and i wast close at all if u can help i wud appracite it thanks

sueljo 06-21-2005 1:46 PM

Hi Derek, <BR>Are you talking 360's or something bigger (540)? I recently started doing 360's and finally did it completely...it was sweet. I figured out a trick to doing it. So if you are talking 360's let me know and I will tell you. If not, I won't bore you with my trick. <BR> <BR>

bigpapaf1f 06-21-2005 2:07 PM

conrats on the 360. But he is talkin the board doin a 360 shuv it and he does a bs 180 while the board is spin under him. He is my lil bro and he is right, on the one he tried he was not close at all. haha. What up D!! sueljo where are from? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bigpapaf1f on June 21, 2005) <BR> <BR>(Message edited by bigpapaf1f on June 21, 2005)

wakesurfer54 06-21-2005 2:33 PM

congrats on the 3 sueljo thanx anyway wuts up b

sueljo 06-21-2005 2:33 PM

I just posted but who knows where it went so here it is again. Thanks for the clarification. I have a friend who does that trick but I haven't tried it so can't help on this one. Its cool to watch though. I live in Discovery Bay, California. You?

wakesurfer54 06-21-2005 2:34 PM

o sueljo i see u ride at the delta were at on the delta maybe we can go ride sometime

sueljo 06-21-2005 2:43 PM

Absolutely. I got out in the afternoons during the week days and usually early in the morning on the weekends. I am always looking for a third or fourth..... Send me a note at <a href="mailto:sueljo@yahoo.com">sueljo@yahoo.com</a> if you want to ride. I have lead bags in my boat so its a quick switch from goofy to regular surf riders.

wakesurfer54 06-21-2005 2:54 PM

cool were do u ride at on the delta

sueljo 06-21-2005 2:57 PM

I ride old river, victoria and north victoria (also called twin sloughs I think) and railroad. All close to Discovery Bay. Sometimes I go down to grant line which is close to River's End Marina. Do you launch at a marina?

wakesurfer54 06-21-2005 3:09 PM

o sick we launch at rivers end or tracy oasis so were really close ya im down to ride our boats up at mcclure though cause we got a house boat up there how old are u im always up to ride but monday and wedsday nights i got football but im down whenever u my emails <a href="mailto:wakesurfer54@hotmail.com">wakesurfer5 4@hotmail.com</a>

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