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natedawg 06-20-2005 1:27 PM

I have a Hyperlite Broadcast 4'8" from last year, and I like it. However, we are always teaching new people to surf, and I was thinking of getting a bigger board. I want to get a board that is big enough to make it easy to learn on, but still good enough for tricks etc. I was thinking the Hyperlite Broadcast 5'6", Liquid Force Inlander, or the Phase 5 Oogle. I like that the Inlander has the fin on the tip for riding switch, but I'm still really undecided. Thoughts?

surfdad 06-21-2005 5:19 AM

In my experience, using a bigger and more voluminous board like a Shred Stixx is the best for getting folks started. Then once they've mastered the basics you switch boards...like to the broadcast. Just like they teach surfing...you start on a 12 foot softtop, then as you master paddling and getting up you can switch to a 6'0" shortboard. IMHO, use a Shred Stixx for teaching folks for the first time and then your broadcast for tricks.

burtography 06-21-2005 6:19 AM

Go for the oogle, its great for teaching people and great for those days when the wake is not a monster, tricks carving it does it all.

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