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aaronlee13 06-16-2005 3:08 PM

Yesterday afternoon I pulled off a 360 on the wafesurf board.. yup no handle and kept the wake and kept riding... I'm pretty stoked about that... Bummed i didnt get it on video, the video got filled up with my failed attempts.. haha.. but anyways <BR> <BR>WOOHOO!!!!

jarrod 06-16-2005 3:12 PM

awesome! I've been trying that too. what's the secret?

aaronlee13 06-16-2005 3:41 PM

not sure on the secret yet, i might need to do it more than once before i can start giving advice... What board you riding? <BR>I've been riding a calibrated wakesurf board, its a small bran new company, I actually did it on a new design they were trying out... very sweet board

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