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grenade 06-16-2005 9:47 AM

I leave for ride the spot on sunday for a couple days. So stoked i just thought i'd share and if anyone has gone i'd love to hear some stories....

wakebarbie 06-16-2005 6:26 PM

Hey I live on the same lake as Darin he is very cool, I sometimes ride with him so tell him the girl across the Lake said to Welcome you and come grab me for a pull. It's a quiet lake and I don't think there are any other crazy girls they could mix me up with He knows my #. Darin is a great teacher and duh awesome rider and you will have a ball, When he pulls me I really learn alot. Tell Big Dave Big C said Hi and of course I want in the MAGS.... Peace out Oh yeah and tell Darin Big C wants to learn a double from the man himself... Have a great trip

openwydr 06-16-2005 8:26 PM

I was just there two weeks ago. Tell Darin and Big Dave. Dr B was sore for 2 more days- and that JJ still believes his Parks board is great. <BR>Toothbrushes on their way. The lake was glass the whole time we rode. Darin kept apologizing for the crappy conditions. <BR> <BR>Ask Big Dave if he rallyed Ben K to death in the tournement...................

sixeye 06-16-2005 9:24 PM

Awesome Patrick, I am seriously jealous. Darin is a legend.

malibu36 06-18-2005 12:07 PM

the greateset time ever. water is always butter. ask dave to see the video of a cat wakeboarding. it is the wakeboarding utopia!!!

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