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wakeworld 06-15-2005 1:56 PM

Well, I finally got my hands on the Official Boat of WakeWorld, a shiny new 2006 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. I'll be hitting San V tomorrow morning if you'd like to join us for the maiden voyage! <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/234777.jpg" alt="">

deltagrubber 06-15-2005 2:04 PM

Niccce! Good job David, you should be proud to show off that bad boy!!!

guido 06-15-2005 2:22 PM

Hey, I saw that exact same boat at Don Pedro a couple months ago<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

jarrod 06-15-2005 2:23 PM

I think you mean this one? <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/234780.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR>

jarrod 06-15-2005 2:24 PM

Sick boat Dave. That is the sickest VLX I have seen.

mike_gilbert 06-15-2005 2:27 PM

That boat is neato Dave!

wakeworld 06-15-2005 2:45 PM

Yup, same boat. In fact, that pic I posted is from the Don Pedro catalog shoot. I haven't taken any of my own yet.

jeffr 06-15-2005 2:45 PM

Guess that means you sold your old boat then. <BR> <BR>Nothing like X-mas in June. Congrats on your new boat Dave! <BR>I think you are the first owner of an 06 I have heard of…. We will be expecting a thorough review and detailed breakdown on the differenced between the 2006 and 2005. <BR> <BR>Enjoy your new BU. <BR>

antbug 06-15-2005 3:03 PM

very nice Dave. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow.

kingskrew 06-15-2005 3:39 PM

Beautiful boat Dave!! Geoff Howell and I had talked but not confirmed about going out to San V tomorrow too. Maybe we'll see you out there! <BR> <BR>-Steve

blabel 06-15-2005 4:39 PM

Here's a pic of it in his driveway. Not sure what the facial expression is all about but it sure looks like Gramps' arse likes the gel coat! Too bad I can't go tomorrow, I want to see the wake!! <BR> <BR>I'd have to say this is one sweet boat. <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/234808.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/234809.jpg" alt="">

jarrod 06-15-2005 6:29 PM

What a pimp. TWO Malibus in the drive way.

walt 06-15-2005 6:51 PM

That boat looks really familiar. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Very nice Dave and congrats. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/234837.gif" alt="">

crracer 06-15-2005 7:22 PM

Congrats Dave, you should let the kids get in and pudding wrestle just to get the interior thing out of the way.... I've seen blake take down some doritos in a way that would have the toughest carpet screaming. "That thing look awesome, probably the sickest boat ever GOSH...it's... amazing! (in my best Napolean Dynamite voice) I'm at medic school tomorrow but this weekend I'll be out early Sat am wanna come for a set behind the MC?

gruelie 06-15-2005 7:25 PM

I wish I could come ride with you tomorrow but it would be a long trip and i can't afford the gas. Congrats.

wakestar8878 06-15-2005 7:46 PM

Congrats Dave, she's a bueat!

socalwakepunk 06-15-2005 8:03 PM

Gonna be very popular with the bumblebees, as well as the wakeboarders! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Well done, Dave! <BR> <BR>Gramps looks too happy, must be good for the arse too. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by socalwakepunk on June 15, 2005)

wakeworld 06-15-2005 8:22 PM

Don't get me started Mr. Largent!!

greatdane 06-15-2005 8:46 PM

Got to say... that boat looks hot! Even the tower looks hot! <BR> <BR>Please let me know if you dig the tower/bimini after using it for a while. <BR> <BR>And, I am sure we will get reports on the wake. <BR> <BR>Congrats!

leykis1o1 06-15-2005 8:53 PM

i dont like the tower

drewsky24 06-15-2005 9:12 PM

That 'Bu is FLIPPIN SWEET!!!!

big_ed_x2 06-15-2005 9:21 PM

Do you still need some riders?

colorider 06-15-2005 9:22 PM

Well, it was new for a while before Aki smeared his rump all over the side. Better get out the buffer. Looks great,

akman 06-15-2005 10:09 PM

Dave, Congrats on the new ride.........I must say pictures don't do it justice. The interior is freakin huge, the lockers are nice and big, the dash is well done, swivel drivers seat is nice, stainless cup holders, the stereo rocks......the list goes on and on. <BR> <BR>I said "Dave lets sack her down and take a set" Dave responds "I want to see what the wake is like with just the wedge and stock ballast" I was like.......SISSY!!! <BR> <BR>I was trying the "polish a dull spot" with my "booty" <BR> <BR>Congrats again!

blabel 06-15-2005 10:16 PM

That's true. I told him an extra 3500 pounds or so should do the trick!

greatdane 06-15-2005 10:21 PM

Is that the same boat as the 2005 VLX on the MALIBU website? <BR><font color="0000ff"> <BR>Overall Length 21.5' <BR>Beam 98" <BR>Draft 24" <BR>Seating Capacity 11 persons <BR>Weight 3600 <BR>Fuel Capacity 46 gallons <BR>Hull V25 Wake <BR>Standard HP 320 <BR>Max HP 400 <BR>Propeller 13.5x16 <BR>M.S.R.P. $45800 <BR></font>

thane_dogg 06-15-2005 11:05 PM

Hey Ryan, who let you on this site? <BR> <BR>Sick ride Dave. Too bad I have to work tomorrow.

goochy 06-16-2005 5:09 AM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> POST more pics PLEASE !!!!! whats different on 2006 ??? Thanks inside pics too PLEASE !!! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by goochy on June 16, 2005)

big_xstar 06-16-2005 8:15 AM

Very nice Dave!!!! Cant wait to see it in person..Let us know how the wake is, but I am sure its gonna be SWEET!!! <BR>Wish I could have been there 2day, but here I am at work, working.. well kinda working..LOL <BR>See ya soon. Congrats again..

fbroen 06-16-2005 11:06 AM

Gramp's booty wasn't performing the same fragrance initiation ritual it was to Melissa's new truck in South Beach, was it? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Nice looking boat! I was floored by the huge size of the interior in those new VLXs when I first saw one...

tyler97217 06-16-2005 11:35 AM

Very sweet!!! did you sell your other yet?

kingskrew 06-16-2005 3:32 PM

Dave, you are the man! Your new boat is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the pulls on the maiden voyage, despite a few... 'issues'... we all had a great time. Can't wait to get back out there!!! Here are some pics:

kingskrew 06-16-2005 3:40 PM

Dave representin': <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235115.jpg" alt=""> <BR>This morning's crew: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235116.jpg" alt=""> <BR>The blade in all it's glory: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235117.jpg" alt=""> <BR>Interior, looks killer in person: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235118.jpg" alt=""> <BR>How could you not have a grin on your face?!? <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235119.jpg" alt=""> <BR>Sorry, no zoom on this camera, Dave W making me look bad: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235120.jpg" alt=""> <BR>New boardrack position for the 2006 malibus: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235121.jpg" alt="">

wakeworld 06-16-2005 3:42 PM

Yeah, it was great. Thanks for coming out and tuning the stereo (among other things). Here are some more pics: <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/235096.html" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/235096.html</a>

kingskrew 06-16-2005 3:45 PM

Thanks again Dave. I had a blast hanging out with you and the crew, made even better by the addition of an amazing new boat. See you on the water!!!!!!!!! <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/235124.gif" alt=""> <BR>

supermangan 06-16-2005 10:26 PM

that boat is beautiful. wish i had money.niice.

buzz_grande 06-18-2005 10:30 AM

Beautiful boat Dave!! I was out of town, or I would have come out and brought the Champagne bottle to christen (sp) it with. Can't wait to see it! CONGRATS!!

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