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praisinplaya 06-15-2005 8:33 AM

Hey guys weve got a 96 Prostar 205 direct drive with about 800 lbs of lead thats split 40/60 front to back. The wake is really good size, but we have a problem, the drivers side of the wake (my heelside, i ride regular stance) is very rampy with practically no lip, while the other side is the perfect shape with a great lip. My question is what could be causing this and how can i fix it?! I have tried moving weight around and putting more on the drivers side, then more on the passengers side and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?!? Thanks!

praisinplaya 06-15-2005 8:36 AM

oops sorry guys...meant to post in the boats section

drewsky24 06-15-2005 10:27 AM

Put more weight on the passenger side and take some away from the drivers side. Post a pic of it when you get a chance.

gruelie 06-15-2005 10:28 AM

You just need to even the weight out. If the driver is heavier than the other passengers than the wake will be different

jonm 06-15-2005 12:34 PM

Make sure the weight is even side to side in each section of the boat as well (front, middle, back). I have had it wher I can move weight side to side in the back of the boat and not fix the shape. Try moving the weight side to side in the front too as the problem could be up there.

big_ed_x2 06-15-2005 1:39 PM

I noticed that if the weight is uneven in the front,it effects the wake ALOT more then the uneven weight in the back.

praisinplaya 06-16-2005 7:48 AM

thanks guys i'll try to move some of the lead in the bow around this afternoon and see if it will even out . ill also try take a pic if i get a chance

fly135 06-16-2005 8:05 AM

The rotation of the prop causes the one side of the wake to be problematic. 480 lbs of weight in the back of a 205 is not enough. You will need more weight in the rear to overcome your wake issues.

praisinplaya 06-16-2005 9:12 AM

Hey John (and everyone else) what would be the perfect weight set up for the largest wake possible? Ive got tons for fat sacks and stuff sitting on the storage unit....just wondering what everyones thought would make the best wake?

big_ed_x2 06-16-2005 9:55 AM

In a 205,I believe go 60 to 40 bow to back.60% of the weight in the bow and 40% of the weight in the back.That is especially in the winter when everybody sit in the cockpit.You can't go wrong if you go 50% to 50% distribution from front to back and at least put 1000lbs over the stock.

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