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tyboarder03 06-15-2005 1:14 AM

Well we just got the Landlock and a 500lb sack for the rear locker plus center ballast. My question is i ride regular, and i see most people riding on the driver side of the wake, but also with their toes towards the wake. Can i shift the weight and ride either side, or does the steering work out better if the weights on the drivers side? Also what speed should i be going, and how long does it usually take before you felt good without the rope? <BR> <BR>~Thanks for any help~

niap101 06-15-2005 5:25 AM

Tyler <BR>Since you have a Centurion, you will likely get a better wake on the left, the regular side. Most boats surf best at 10 mph. Since most boat speedometers are horribly inaccurate, set your speed to where the wave looks best when no one is riding. Properly ballasted, you should be able to build a crisp wave with a curl. For more info check out <a href="http://www.HowToWakeSurf.com" target="_blank">www.HowToWakeSurf.com</a> <BR>Finding the "sweetspot" for your ride takes time and patience. It is largely dependent upon the size and volume of the wave, your weight, and what board you are on. <BR>Larry Mann <BR>Trick Boardz

tyboarder03 06-15-2005 2:18 PM

Larry thanks for the tips and the link, hopefully we'll get it all going good next time were out ill try to post pics if we get going

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