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mmobius2001 06-14-2005 5:05 PM

i have MB Quarts right now, the basic ones by mako, think its like 40-32 freq, 55watt RMS and 150watt max or something like that. <BR> <BR>im pushing a huge amp to it, probably like 80watts to it, im looking for the best possible speaker to put up there. <BR> <BR>the new audiobahn looks sweet but not sure of performance, i was also thinking of the infinity's that are like 75watt rms or so and 225watt max power. <BR> <BR>any suggestions?

bob 06-15-2005 7:08 AM

i had the infinitys a while ago on the tower and they are now my boat speakers, they sounded good but i was only running 2, id recommend 4 if they are going to be tower speakers.

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