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06-13-2005 5:26 PM

ok i tried a couple of these and i was getting full rotation and landing and just fighting to ride away. 2 of the attempts i was landing on my back foot a little too hard. what can i do to stop this so i can just stomp these down and ride away?

poodle 12-04-2005 8:52 PM

let off on your edge more right as you hit the wake and it will keep you from landing on your back foot so much

12-13-2005 8:14 AM

You can also try getting more weight on your front foot when you leave the wake. The position you leave the wake is generally the position your going to land. One more thing, since you are coming down hard on that back foot - think about jamming that foot down into the water as you land. Try one of those two ideas and you should have it in no time. <BR>Ryan <BR>

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