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rdiestler 06-13-2005 8:17 AM

I just started wakesurfing, and was just wondering if any sort of general rules or common courtesies have been devloped. With the slow boat speeds and huge wake created, I figure there may be some problems ahead as more people start to do it. I have only done it in the lake so far, and have not had any problems. But, I think the delta may be another story. Any advise, thoughts, exeriences, etc... <BR>thanks

stephan 06-13-2005 8:33 AM

I think I'd stay away from wakeboarders trying to get some butter. If no one is around then tear it up. Personally I feel that wakeboarders get first dibs on any glass. With the Delta can't you guys just go somewhere else? Anyhow, have fun.

jarrod 06-13-2005 9:04 AM

That's really the only conflict I know of. If the conditions are blown out and there is limited flat water for the wakeboarders, please don't wakesurf in the flat water. That's something that can be done anywhere.

josh_tn 06-13-2005 10:44 AM

If you must drive a large circle to get your desired wake, get somewhere out of the way to do it. I have seen some guys right out in everyone's way in a fairly narrow channel of the lake doing a large circle and really sending a lot of rollers everywhere.

hyperlitenrd 06-13-2005 12:04 PM

When ever we wakesurf, we go to a corner of the lake that is not nice water, and just drive circles there, we ussally try and find a cove so it eats up most of the wake.

habcaw_creek 06-13-2005 1:28 PM

i ride in a little creek and yesterday a couple of teenagers beached their fishin boats and just chilled on the little area of sand. They can do that anywhere,but why do it in the wakeboarding/surfing creek.We were surfin and this creek is 200 ft wide and 500 ft long so we kept wakin out their 26 foot Contender but we dont care. They flicked us off so we spray them and there 5 years older than us.Why do they have to chill in the creek when that boat could chill in the harbor?pisses me off.

erik_c 06-13-2005 1:56 PM

Hey I try not to surf in butter but if theres no one around when I start Im not going to stop and go somewhere else becuase some one on a wake board shows up.

sparky68 06-13-2005 3:47 PM

If I may, I got into wakesurfing for those times that its to blown out for wakeboarding. I was at Piru in SoCal this Sunday and by 9am it was start'n to blow pretty good. After an hour of more aggravation we busted out the surf board. Great way to finish off the day. <BR>

erik_c 06-13-2005 3:56 PM

I prefer surfing to wakein these days so I do it whatever the conditions

ttrigo 06-13-2005 4:18 PM

Sparky68- what time did you get to Piru on Sunday? we got there at 6am, and not one boat on the water. we had butter for about 2 hours, and then it got crappy. we were gone by 8:30 that day. the first two hours though, were the nicest I have ever seen Piru. sorry for the hijak. <BR>

deltaboarder 06-13-2005 4:35 PM

on the delta I hate when people surf in the main ski channels. If you are pulling a rider it is hard to pass them and keep speed etc. plus it can get hairy if another boat is stopped in the same area. I only surf on Old River

rdiestler 06-14-2005 5:04 AM

Thanks for the replies, they are about what I thought. I just wanted to verify before I did anything that would piss off any fellow wakeboarders.

supraman 06-14-2005 8:20 AM

"Personally I feel that wakeboarders get first dibs on any glass." <BR> <BR>Um, do you think water skiers feel the same way?

damienk 06-14-2005 9:25 AM

Yeah...but they're waterskiers!? um...hello?

rkg 06-14-2005 10:25 AM


wakehound 06-15-2005 1:09 PM

<b>Matt</b> I think he's talking about surfing vs. wakeboarding. Wake surfers probably wakeboarded first, so they're common sense should clearly tell them that if they're in the morning glass, and wakeboarders show up, they should be polite (karma!) and move somewhere else.

erik_c 06-15-2005 3:18 PM

Who ever was there first Im not going to pack up and leave becuase someone shows up after me.

leykis1o1 06-15-2005 6:58 PM

well id say that wakeboarding entiquette is <BR>1.the best wakeboarders go first <BR>2. when you get your chance dont hog all the good water ..give the next boarder buddy on the boat some good water also <BR>3. never lay fins down on your friends boat seats..yes they do cut !! <BR>4. allways pitch in for gas <BR>5. allways help clean the boat up <BR>6. help pull in the rope <BR>7. offer to hold the flag <BR>8. thank the driver/owner <BR>

abc33660 06-15-2005 7:25 PM

Mark B - are you suggesting that if someone is surfing in an area first and a wakeboarder comes by ... the wake surfer should leave? Whats up with that. It would seem to be more polite for the wakeboarder to go to a different area. Why should someone leave an area just cause a wakeboarder shows up. <BR> <BR>My whole family are wakeboarders and I certainly don't expect someone to leave an area that they are already playing in just cause we show up. <BR> <BR>When the hell did wakeboarder become better than anyone else?

supraman 06-15-2005 8:19 PM

Apparently I've got no common sense. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

wakehound 06-16-2005 9:43 AM

bc- I think surfers should try to find choppy water to ride on because of the size of the rollers they produce, but if the surfers are in a cove or a slough where there's glass, and a wakeboarder is heading that way, move to the middle of the lake. I know most probably wouldn't, but I would. I feel bad if I'm messing up flat water for no reason. It's just a courtesy for your fellow boarders. You can always find a choppy spot that's out of the way. <BR> <BR>It has nothing to do about wakeboarders being better than anyone else, just a polite thing to do. It's the same with pulling kids on a tube. Go out to the center where they can bounce around a little without you having to whip them around. <BR> <BR>If you were pulling a tube in the only glass on the lake, and there were people who you knew wanted to ride in there, would you continue to hog that cove? <BR>

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