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buffalow 06-13-2005 8:06 AM

I was just out shooting the boys at the camp and can't believe the difference a year makes. (3) new Malibu's, (4) new IPODS, (2) Video cameras, and more cords and technology than I have ever seen at a camp. They have really stepped it up and the campers will get more for their money than anywhere in the country. They now have 3 full time coaches and Mike. Hard to believe Mike's vision has taken off so shortly. Congrats to the them and sign up if there is still room.

jrad 06-15-2005 10:20 PM

thanks buff, we were stoked to have you come out and chill with us. we are off to a great start this year and thanks for all the campers who make it fun for us to be out here.

rediro2h 06-16-2005 1:57 PM

That's awesome, west coast camps is like disneyland on water. I learned 8 tricks there in five days last summer, their instructors are awesome at teaching and incredible riders. West Coast Camps is the heartbeat of west coast wakeboarding. Rock on guys!!! <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.westcoastcamps.com" target="_blank">www.westcoastcamps.com</a>

stephan 06-17-2005 9:19 AM

wakeninja you are a turd. Tooting your own horn there eh buddy? I thought the computer didn't work on the hosueboat? Loveseat, you are my hero. Curly, you are equally as cool except the house is really quite without you around. See you guys in a few weeks. <BR> <BR>Everyone, you should head out to the camp. WCC has blown up this year &amp; two of my good friends(above) are out there holding it down. Mike picks coaches in a different way. He gets good people that understand the physics of wakeboarding &amp; know how to coach. They end up becoming good wakeboarders in the process.

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