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jer 05-29-2002 12:04 AM

Hola, <BR>I've been riding a while and can inconsistently do frontside toeside 3's and occasionally 5's with good steez. I love these tricks but I keep getting wrecked. Anyways, I take a good progressive edge, knees rolled forward, head up,shoulders square, pass the handle smooth n all that but..when I do eat it..its cause I'm off axis and I'm not trying to do this. I feel like when I pull on the line it makes me spin all corked out and I also feel like the boat is tugging off axis and I fall hard. PLEAAZE HELP...I've broken 2 eardrums trying to get my spins dialed in.

kam 05-29-2002 12:11 AM

Are you concentrating on keeping your head up as you spin, I sort of tuck my head as I spin toeside so I kinda go off axis as well. Try to look at the horizon and see if that helps.

jer 05-29-2002 12:22 AM

dude I'm retarded, I meant heelside spins..thanks for the advice Kam

wakeleech 05-29-2002 2:43 AM

Jer, I'm having the same damn problem. I've popped my ears and gave myself a watermelon size bruise on my hind parts. I keep telling myself that this is the week but I always wimp out. I'm going OA too. I haven't tried this yet so take it for what it's worth but the 2 tips I was given this week was to 1. Keep the handle at or below your beltline and 2. Once the handle pass is completed, keep the handle tight to your midsection, don't let your arm out (my biggest problem). So I'm gonna try that this week and see how it goes. I'll let you know <BR> <BR>Leech

brinks 05-29-2002 2:13 PM

you are probably trying to spin to early. go up then spin.also maybe try reaching for a grab to slow your spin down

obrienride16 05-29-2002 8:22 PM

this helped me alot and it might help you: when i was pulling the handle to my hip, i would reach out with my arm when i pulled it back, thus not pulling it to my hip, but like 2 feet outside my hip. this always threw me off axis. i found that pulling the handle to my hip using both hands gave me alot more control and has helped my spinning 100%. i think that made pretty good sense, but if you have any questions, ask.\ <BR>-later

scott44 06-10-2002 6:11 PM

one thing that I have learned that may help is when pulling the handle to your hip also turn your head and shoulders the way you want to spin. keep your head up and you will stay on axis and the rest of the body will follow, tell me how it goes

thephatone 08-20-2002 11:48 AM

you must keep the handle close to your body. if it gets away, then you will have a hard time pulling yourself back on axis. i do it from time to time accidentally, and almost make it. the board hits the water for like 2 seconds then i fall over and skim across the water. i realized what i do wrong when that happens. <BR> <BR>when i pass the handle on my 3s, it is no further than 4 or 6 inches from my body. sometimes it's at the small of my back, and sometimes it's a bit lower. that hasn't mattered much. make sure to turn your head the direction you're spinning. your body follows your head naturally. all you have to do after that is spot your landing. good luck

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