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time4wake 06-08-2005 2:55 PM

Hey guys, <BR> <BR>Was surfing the web today and came across an interview on Roswell's page with rusty. it's about his win in reno. Check it out if you like. <BR> <BR><a href="http://roswellwakeair.com/showStory.php?action=showStory&amp;index=78" target="_blank">http://roswellwakeair.com/showStory.php?action=showStory&amp;index=78</a>

stormrider 06-14-2005 8:18 PM

I was watching ButterEffect and while watching Malinowski I kinda chuckled because he sorta looks like one of those dancing bears you see at the circus! I know, not nice, but he sorta does so whatever. <BR> <BR>

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