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the_skeptic 06-08-2005 12:42 AM

I've narrowed it down to these two. Other than size, both have basicly same options. Which would you prefer? <BR> <BR> <BR>Dave

laptom 06-08-2005 1:52 AM

This is really a personal decision! What you said about size is correct, so the X30 as more interior room for friends and equipment. Although my personal opinion is that the SAN is a bit more hardcore wakeboarding boat then the X30. But I cannot believe the X30 will set you back in wakeboarding! <BR>We never go out with more then 6 persons for wakeboarding so the SAN fits <u>us</u> great, but if you hang out with more people then I should really consider the X30. <BR>My believe about the quality is that they are both the same. It's all about personal preference.

blake_hughes 06-08-2005 6:58 AM

I'll go along with Tommy, but I'll also add... What are you looking for as far as wake size, and shape go? Both have very good wakes. However, the SAN is famous for a very big rampy wake, when weighted correctly. The X-30, on the other hand, has a less agressive transition, but still a very nice wake. If you're an advanced rider looking to go big, go with the SAN, and extra weight. If you're a laid back rider, not looking for a wake that's going to launch you, go with the X-30. Both are very nice boats, and probably throw the 2 nicest shaped wakes in wakeboarding. <BR> <BR>-Blake

the_skeptic 06-08-2005 5:28 PM

So Blake, where does Malibu fit in on the wake scale (including the wedge)? <BR> <BR>Dave

wickedwake 06-08-2005 7:19 PM

The SAN is the least rampy wake out there, it is nearly vertical. I would go with the SAN, period.

the_skeptic 06-09-2005 2:44 AM

Do you think the SAN would be easier getting me into the air? (Weighting in at 230lbs) Takes alot to hop 2 wakes on the current I/O.

schmo 06-09-2005 5:47 AM

Like Clay said, the SAN can have a very large, VERT(steep) wake. Not a rampy wake by any means. <BR> <BR>As far as going wake to wake, the SAN has a narrow wake with a lot of vertical pop due to the vert wake and firmness. It will definitely get a big guy up there. <BR> <BR>However, even with an I/O and weighing 230, with the proper technique you should be able to clear the wakes and land in the flats. Don't use a big wake as a crutch, get the fundamentals down. People can do flips in the flats with no wake by edging hard and releasing. <BR> <BR>As for the two boats, apples and oranges.

the_skeptic 06-09-2005 6:10 AM

Schmo, thanks for the info. Basically looking for something that in five years or more that I'll still be happy with. <BR> <BR>As for the current I/O, I know the approach is the most important fundamental. But I feel restricted due to the kind of wake it throws causing us to use a shorter ropes (55ft, even at 24mph). Just want to find an inboard that we can move to 75ft and I'll have no problems getting to the other side. <BR> <BR>Dave <BR>

flux 06-09-2005 10:05 AM

I can't chime in on the X-30, but recently got into an 02' SAN. It takes a bit of tweaking, but you can get the wake to have a reasonable ramp with a great pop. I am over 200 lbs and need the pop, otherwise I just go flat over the wake. We noticed right away that we were riding an extra 5' back. I ride at 70 and am hoping to move to 75 by the end of the year. The wake is clean out to about 80-85. <BR> <BR>We use the stock setup (2-250 rear wedges &amp; 300 belly) and add somewhat equal amounts to the rear and bow. Adding to the bow mellowed the transition without losing too much pop. We are running about 1600 total and could easily add another 400. <BR> <BR>I don't think we'll ever get tired of this wake, it was a whole new world from the first day. The longer rope is definately helping me to learn better progressive cuts, I even began to clear the wake completely on my toeside, something that was kind of rare for me before. <BR> <BR>The SAN is not a huge boat, but as stated before, we usually have 6 in there and everyone is comfy. <BR> <BR>If at all possible, try to get a pull on each. You may really love the wake on one or the other. I rode behind an X-2 and it was awesome as well.

the_skeptic 06-09-2005 11:13 PM

Cool thx for the info Flux..... <BR> <BR>Dave

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