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river_rider_19 06-07-2005 2:59 PM

i know this dosnt fit here but i couldnt get any help anywhere else please help.Im 5"7 110 pounds and i was stuck between the hyperlite state 130 and the 135 , the 130 is up to 155 pounds and the 135 is 145 pounds and up. I am planning on having this board for around four years. I am akso a beginner and is the state series even right for me. PLEASE HELP

rodmcinnis 06-07-2005 4:43 PM

How big are your parents and/or siblings? If you are 14 years old now and 5"7, 110 lbs I would notbe surprised if you passed the 155 lbs mark fairly soon. <BR> <BR>If your family is really into boating and you are looking to advance as quickly as possible then I would get the board that fits you now and upgrade in a couple of years. If you are not likely to get a new board in two years then I would go for the bigger one to give you room to grow.

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