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06-06-2005 4:36 PM

I know this really doesn't go with trick tips but i couldn't find a better section. I recently started wakeboarding and am planning to head out and try and do my first wake jump next weekend. One thing i seriously need to know is DO YOU NEED A TOWER ON YOUR BOAT TO GET HIGHER AND FARTHER WHEN YOU JUMP THE WAKE? or can i at least go w2w? please reply

will5150 06-06-2005 4:48 PM


06-06-2005 4:53 PM

You will get by just fine with out a tower for jumping wake to wake and grabs and other simple tricks like that. Though once you start trying flips and more spins it definitly helps to have a tower.

06-06-2005 5:53 PM

ok thanks :-)

06-06-2005 7:44 PM

One thing a tower helps alot for is getting you out of the water you wwill notice a difference if you get one. You pop right out.

06-06-2005 8:47 PM

A tower helps SOOO much. It wont make you better but it will allow you to get much better than without one. The worst is riding on a boat w/o a tower after you have been riding with a tower for a while. Get a monster! <a href="http://www.monstertower.com" target="_blank">www.monstertower.com</a> <BR> <BR>Clay

06-07-2005 8:25 AM

Whats the difference from a pole and a tower other than the racks and the speakers and stuff

smokedawg311 06-07-2005 8:34 AM

nothing...cage just doesnt take up room in the middle of the boat

06-07-2005 4:46 PM

so it works just as good??

06-08-2005 8:13 AM

Sorry to go off topic to this thread.... But what is a typical price for a decent tower with board racks and install? How hard are they to install?

06-08-2005 8:21 AM

Check out this link, they make some sweet towers. <BR><a href="http://www.phatbudde.com/" target="_blank">http://www.phatbudde.com/</a>

smokedawg311 06-08-2005 8:42 AM

yes...works just as good as far as riding performance. any way you can get the rope up higher the better. is a physics thing....with every force there is an equal and opposite force. with every force there is an X and Y component. THE X IS WHAT YOURE INTERESTED IN. it is an actual upwards force when loading the line and releasing that force when you pop off the wake.

06-08-2005 2:45 PM

what would be the cheapest yet best quality tower or cage to get?

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