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mjmurphy53711 06-04-2005 7:00 PM

for an 89 centurion, we are looking at a custom built triangle sac or two side sacs under the bow area.......any thoughts? im leaning towards the triangle sac so i have an easier time balancing.

norcalmalibu 06-04-2005 7:50 PM

Well I dont know anyone that makes a triangle sack? If you do please post, im using a 600 pound fat sac and it works great, I usualy adjust it when I put the boat in the water. It moves around a bit from hauling the boat but not much.

antbug 06-04-2005 8:02 PM

a fewcompanies make them. Here is a link to one of the websites that supports this one <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/wakeboard_boat_ballast_bags/fly_high_open_bow_sac_W706" target="_blank">http://www.wakeside.com/page/W/PROD/wakeboard_boat_ballast_bags/fly_high_open_bow_sac_W706</a>

norcalmalibu 06-04-2005 9:49 PM

that thing is huge I wonder if it would fit under a closed bow?

alanp 06-04-2005 11:24 PM

i have a custom made stainless steel triangle tank.

s4inor 06-05-2005 12:06 AM

For the money, you can't beat the Fly High Bow Sack. The Pro X series this year is superior to any other ballast bag out there because of the construction, and the fittings. You can put it under the bow and not think about it again. <BR> <BR>The open bow sac will fit in a closed bow, and because it takes on the shape of the are it occupies, you'll get the most capacity possible out of it.

mjmurphy53711 06-05-2005 11:54 AM

yea lol, i thought about that fly high sac cause it wasnt much more than the custom sac. 1000 pounds up front like that and i might be in trouble though.....gethighsports.net will custom make one to my dimensions, so i think i wont have much height to the sac and keep it around 500 pounds

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