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blaze265 06-03-2005 4:31 PM

My Supra hasn't been used since last year and oddly the stearing is really stiff. It was fine when I used it last. What could be wrong?

phaeton 06-03-2005 4:40 PM

Water has entered the cable. You can take it out and try to lube it or replace the cable. <BR> <BR>

blaze265 06-03-2005 5:57 PM

How much do you estimate a new one would cost and how difficult is it to replace? <BR>Thanks for info

chas 06-03-2005 6:08 PM

its not to bad of a job, got the cable for 129.00. Tie a string or small rope to the old one and use it to fish the new cable back in.

joesell 06-03-2005 6:52 PM

Blake, <BR>Try lubing the rudder first. My steering was getting stiff, I just gave it a few shots of grease and it's good as new. <BR> <BR>Look in the back where the rudder connects to the cable. There should be a zerk fitting there.

greenpinky 06-04-2005 5:09 AM

Definately try to grease the rudder first. Like Joe's, mine was getting a little stiff. Greased it, and it's smooth as silk now.

blaze265 06-04-2005 5:02 PM

Thanks for info I'll try geasing it first

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