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ladythump 06-03-2005 8:23 AM

I kept the two main battery cables that connected to the main battery of the boat on the main battery. I run a positive off that battery to a post on the relay. I run a positive off the stereo battery to a post on the relay. I have a negative cable from one battery to the second battery. And one wire from the ignition switch to the relay...... <BR> <BR>Do I need to have one wire come off the alternator to the relay?

josh_tn 06-03-2005 8:28 AM

Nope, the alternator will be connected to your main battery which is already connected to the relay since you left the main cables the way they were. Sounds like you're all good to go. <BR> <BR>Do you also have a ground wire run from the small post of the relay to one of the battery ground posts?

ladythump 06-03-2005 9:07 AM

yes i have the ground wire from the relay to the ground post on a battery. forgot about that part. <BR> <BR>Okay i was just making sure I had it hooked up correctly.

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