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face_smash 06-03-2005 2:52 AM

Hi there guys had some trouble with my VlX reciently. A few weeks ago it broke down on the lake and was coughing and farting and basically did'nt sound very good. To cut a long story short the ECM (Engine Control Modal) was broken and it went back to the dealer and was fixed under warranty etc. Now i have got the boat back it seems to use loads of fuel??? It runs good thought but just wondering if i should take it back to the dealer!! Also when the boat is in netural the engine warning light comes on and goes when you put the boat in forward or reverse, i was told that this was a wiring fault and poses no problem to the engine???? Finally do you know if the Illusion X tower comes pre tapped? I know the tower lights are already wires into the tower but just wondering if the holes are tapped and if they are what size are they????? Thanks for reading my Book!!!!! and thaks for your help!!

zboomer 06-03-2005 6:20 AM

If fuel usage is way high, definitely take it back and tell them. It may need a program update or something. Just be sure it's really using more fuel than usual, enough to be significant. <BR> <BR>My boat was using too much fuel, but it was due to a bad thermostat that wasn't letting the engine warm up enough. <BR> <BR>What warning light are you talking about? The V-drive light is supposed to come on in neutral and low rpm's. If it's an engine warning light, again I'd have them fix it. If it's a wiring fault, they should fix it. You shouldn't have to live with the problem. <BR> <BR>The Illusion-x comes ready for lights, but I'm not sure of the tap size, sorry!

face_smash 06-05-2005 7:52 AM

Thankyou so much dude your a star!!

jklein 06-06-2005 9:43 AM

You might ask this question on themalibucrew.com too.

l1spoogy 06-06-2005 9:53 AM

Danny- the thread size for the speaker mounts are 5/16X18 I don't know about the light positions

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