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starx3 06-02-2005 10:33 PM

I just had 4 6x9's put in my boat and the radio shuts off when i turn it up. I know that it is overdrawing so i want to add an amp. Do i need to have 2 bateries or will 1 work. If i can use 1 how long can i play the radio with the engine off and still start <BR>thanks

wakeme884 06-03-2005 5:49 AM

just for safety sake, put in extra battery. you wont have to worry if youre going to kill youre engine battery and get stranded

bob 06-03-2005 7:23 AM

if you only have one amp youll most likely get a couple hours before the amp starts shutting down but like paul said, get the extra battery even if its not connected and a set of jumper cables just for safety

iagainsti 06-03-2005 1:55 PM

if you add a 2nd battery isolate it with a relay or perko switch. Then you can play down the battery until its dead and still have a fresh one to start with

acurtis_ttu 06-03-2005 3:33 PM

how big is the amp? How big is the alt.? one amp powering 4 6x9's should not be cutting off when you turn it up????? How old is your current battery? what voltage are you seeing at idle?

starx3 06-07-2005 8:54 PM

the amp is a 250 x 4 but the amp is not cutting off the radio was when the speakers were hooked up to the headunit. the battery is new. I don't know what alt i have but its probably the stock on a 87 tristar w/351. I know that a lot of messages on a second battery but would i have to run another set of bat cables. any suggestions for an isolator. thanks

iagainsti 06-08-2005 10:04 AM

A Perko swithc will isolate your two batts but its not foolproof. You have to manually switch it between the 2 batts or both. A Stinger relay #sr80 or sr200 will do the same as the Perko but is completely automatic. When the ignition is off it will isolate your starting battery and run off the auxillary battery only. <a href="http://www.stingerelectronics.com/sting_products/power_accessories.asp" target="_blank">http://www.stingerelectronics.com/sting_products/power_accessories.asp</a>

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