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motoxno53 06-02-2005 2:48 PM

I was just wondeering about some boats.. <BR>Im looking for a wakeboard boat but I do not just <BR>want a boat that can only work in smoth privet lakes. I live in AZ and we get some windy days and the lakes can get ruff so when it gets two ruff to Board we tube. Right now I have a 00 Tige 22i RE and It sits so low in the water that we take lots i mean lots of water over the front or rear corner if in stearing away to miss a wake. which really becomes a pain...I mean I was at the lake last weekend and I could not even make it out of the no wake zone with out taking water over the front. so I would like to get a boat that makes a good wake and yet does not sit so low in the water. do anyone know of a boat that i can look at? Right now im looking as some of the mastercrafts im just not sure where to start. But all i know is that it really sucked last weekend I seriously could not keep the water from splashing over unless i was pulling and or moving fast. But once i even tried to slow to make a turn it would poor over. I mean i actully tried to SLOWLY slow down(in straight line) and then turn slowly to pick ou my boarder or tuber and Nope it did not work... as soon as i back off or the boat settles in to the water i just cant keep it out. Help <BR>> Chris <BR>

iagainsti 06-02-2005 4:18 PM

if you keep the boat parallel to the oncoming waves you sould'nt be taking on any water. If your going straight across them just give her a little gas to blip the nose up. I have a x-star(x2) and it sits nice in the water. If I dont parallel the incoming waves it will bow-under as well.

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