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alanp 06-02-2005 10:03 AM

on my prostar i every now and then there is a low thump, thud sound when i start to get on the throttle(from a stand still). seems to happen around 5-8 mph. doesnt happen everytime either yesterday only once. i was thinking there was an airlock in the tranny or that something my not be bolted tightly. if anyone has any thoughts id appreciate it.

twakess 06-02-2005 10:19 AM

alan, check the shaft that goes in the tranny collor where it bolts. I had that happen on my 1978 master craft. The key was warn out and I replaced the whole shaft to a new one. Or check and see if the prop is tight.

alanp 06-02-2005 3:18 PM

ok ill check those things. thanks

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