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npcain1 06-02-2005 9:26 AM

Looking at replacing my stock system with either MB Quart NKA 116 or Polk MOMO 650 Coaxil's. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on either? <BR> <BR>Also I am replacing six speakers in total will i need 2 amps (1-4 channel, 1-2 channel) to drive all six or can they be driven by one amp? <BR> <BR>I am pretty green with this stuff so I apologize for the basic questions.

riothepimp 06-02-2005 9:34 AM

By far MB-Quart is the better speaker but the talk is the German plant is no longer manufacturing the speakers they have closed the plant, and only scraps will arrive in the US, so go with Polk.

buzz_grande 06-02-2005 9:36 AM

I would go with the MB's. I have 4 "reference" MB's in my boat, not the marine. I hear the marine are VERY nice. I would pick that over the Polk's, IMO.

timber 06-02-2005 9:42 AM

I have the Polk MOMO's in my boat and they scream. They are the component set, not the co-axels.

talltigeguy 06-02-2005 10:28 AM

Noel, <BR> <BR>If you wait a few days, I'll tell you how the Polk DB 650's sound, I'm putting 4 of them in my boat next week. They can be found for a good deal on ebay - I think much less expensive than the MB Quarts. I suspect the MB Quarts are a little better, but you probably have to pay more.

big_ed_x2 06-02-2005 10:40 AM

I'm with Brian,I got some MOMO in my boat with PPI4125 pushing them and they are one of the loudest,nicest sounding components speakers I heard.Like Brian said....They scream! <BR> <BR>But they are 6500 not the 650.one is co-axel which are less RMS and 6500 are components which are much higher RMS and the speaker grills look better in my opinion!

skibum69 06-02-2005 10:48 AM

I was a die hard MB Quart guy until I talked with a factory rep at CES. Rockford bought out MB Quart last year and opened a factory in China to make the MB Quarts sold in the US. They had quality trouble so are giving the factory back to MB Quart. In the end MB Quart is going to use the china factory to supply the speakers for the US, you can get some made from the factory in Germany but you have to buy them from Europe. I don't know where the Polks are being made so I can't comment on that. I personally switched to Cantons, which I like even better than the Quarts. If you can demo the speakers at stereo shops and push them hard. Then make your decision

npcain1 06-02-2005 1:10 PM

Talltigeguy - let me know how they sound, did you get yours for around $90/pair? I have seen them on ebay around that.

riothepimp 06-02-2005 8:00 PM

Jason you stand corrected, I was the biggest MBQuart dealer for a year or so I know the German plant is closed, I myself was an MBQ die hard, until Rockford bought them and took the brand to sheet

talltigeguy 06-02-2005 10:46 PM

Noel, <BR> <BR>These are what I bought, the coaxial. I've not actually seen the components. We'll see how they do. They must be better than stock clarions. <BR> <BR><a href="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;category=18799&amp;item =5778758948&amp;rd=1&amp;ssPageName=WDVW" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&amp;category=18799&amp;item =5778758948&amp;rd=1&amp;ssPageName=WDVW</a>

troyl 06-02-2005 11:52 PM

Jason, <BR>Which Cantons are you running? I stumbled across those one day and I really liked the sound in the demo room, but the price was $350/pr. I am looking to upgrade from the MBQ's i have now. (3 of 10 are blown or defective)

obsurfer 06-03-2005 12:26 AM

I blew my mb quarts also. Have you heard those Diamond speakers. They have a good rating. Hey if you have the cans you can go to <a href="http://www.crutchfield.com" target="_blank">www.crutchfield.com</a> and use my code and we well both save twenty bucks! pzekx-wfhe2-kqp2a

skibum69 06-03-2005 6:20 AM

Troy, <BR>I am running the RS 160CX which are the 6.5" coaxials. They blow alot of seperates away. I think they are $250 retail. <BR>Steve, Diamond speakers are great as well! I was actully thinking about using Diamonds until Canton brought car audio speakers back. THe fronts in my car are a combo of MBQ Q's and Diamond Hex's

obsurfer 06-03-2005 10:20 AM

I should add that Boss fixed my speakers no problem! Even told them that I had over powered them.

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