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cooze 05-31-2005 7:24 AM

Lets see those beautiful time savers!

hamkj 05-31-2005 7:46 PM

I had my pictures posted somewhere, but I have 2500lbs built in ballast with guages. Fills in less than 10 minutes.

srh00z 05-31-2005 10:01 PM

I don't have pics yet, but I took two 40 gallon RV fresh water tanks, built a framework around them, and covered a cushion for a seat and they sit on either side of my engine compartment.

notnathan 06-01-2005 12:28 PM

Stephen that sounds cool, I'd like to see some pictures of that

srh00z 06-01-2005 12:45 PM

My boat is a DD, so I removed the back seat altogether and the tanks run along the gunnels of the boat a little bit past the engine cover, I am building a small bench that will fit in between them and it will house two batteries. I haven't figured out what to do for some weight up front yet though, and I am also looking for some cheap pumps if anybody has any ideas.

srh00z 06-04-2005 11:20 PM

I used the hard tanks for the first time today, they worked really well, They only hold about 350lbs a piece, but they are placed pretty far back and they made the wake a little steeper, bigger, but it was nicely shaped.

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