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05-25-2005 2:42 PM

i need help getting pop on the wake can anyone tell me how to get a lot

bigshow 05-28-2005 1:57 PM

Try taking all but one can out of the six pack ring. Then while you’re in the water wrap the rest of the six pack ring around the handle. Tell the boat driver to hit it, or go whatever you like to say you’re ready. Once you’re up on your board remove the can from the six pack ring. Now ride over to the wake, pop the top and enjoy. <BR> <BR>Now to get a lot of pop on the wake tie a string or small rope around a 2-litter bottle, and repeat the process. <BR> <BR>Ohhhh… remember to hold on to both the can or bottle and the six pack ring, we don’t want to littler our water ways. <BR> <BR>I know how you feel I’m still working on getting a decent pop too. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps! <BR>

05-29-2005 2:43 AM

well...i havent seen you ride at all, but try not to egde completely perpendicular to the wake, but instead at a slight angle towards the boat (it will pop you higher rather than farther). Next...try to stand tall at the wake and kind of lock your legs, resisting the wake. Try not to jump yourself but let the wake do it for you..and oh..speed into the jump is always good.

nlitworld 05-29-2005 9:55 AM

Nick, the biggest thing is to not back out of your edge as you approach the wake. I have been guilty of this many times. Keep edging all the way up the wake, so as to keep the line tension tight, and that will automatically pull you higher and farther. Baby steps is all it takes. Jump it a little bigger every time and you'll be getting air in no time.

05-29-2005 6:26 PM

thanks guys ur advise really helped i have been doing better and better thanks again <BR>

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