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west 05-23-2005 5:42 PM

I'm having trouble getting "popped" off the wake when doing a ts backroll. I have a good edge but it's like I can't feel the POP. Do I flatten out just before the wake??? Do I pop then flip?? Should I watch the wake?? Any help is appreciated.

alanp 05-23-2005 11:22 PM

jim, im learning these too. dont flatten off. this is not a trip flip. "the book" says to pump the trough(edge hardest once you get in the trough) and slightly away from the boat. load your back arm with most of the tension and use a back layout(versus a back tuck) rotation. kyle says he looks at the shore he's riding towards while getting set up. i dont get huge pop but my problem is overrotation. i have no air awareness. so i cant tell you what to focus on while in the air.

hymaeringo 05-24-2005 5:24 PM

all I do is edge like crazy at the wake and haul ass. Hit it with enuf speed that when you flip back you still have enuf momentum to go w2w. just flip lik a gainer and hold on tight bc once upside down the rope will yank and whip you the 2nd half of the way around. good luck hold on tight

davidbouvier 05-24-2005 8:11 PM

make sure you leave the wake with both hands on the handle. after you get maximum pop you can let go with the rear hand to land square. load the rear foot, and bring the front leg up a bit so as to ride up the wake like a skate board ramp. the tight rope is what you need to get the big pop[.

05-25-2005 8:28 PM

Don't just haul ass towards the wake to fling yourself across w2w (causing you to rotate low to the water). That's how I perceived Ringo's statement. That can get you hurt pretty bad pretty fast.

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