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eubanks01 05-19-2005 9:56 AM

I just surfed for the first time at the Wakeboard Camp and we rode on the starboard side of their i-ride. We have an LSV and I'm wondering which side is better. I thought that I've usually seen people riding behind the port side on the Malibu's but maybe I'm mistaken. From my limited knowledge of wakesurfing, the starboard side worked good on their (Wakeboard Camp) boat and was easier for me since I ride goofy foot. <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>P.S. Any opinions on the shorter Broadcast or Coex for beginnings and intermediate riders in the 130-200 weight class?

cabalisticfire 05-19-2005 10:37 AM

Both sides will work if properly weighted, most ride port side on Malibu's though.

wakeworld 05-19-2005 3:24 PM

Because of the way the prop turns, if all else is equal, you'll get a better wakesurf wake on the left side of most inboards. The exception is Correct Craft since their props turn in the opposite direction of most. In their case, the right side will produce a better wake. However, the difference is not very noticeable. <BR> <BR>Rather than let your boat's prop dictate which side of the wake you use, you're most likely going to want to weight the side that you're most comfortable on. This is usually the right side for goofy footers and the left side for regular footers.

wkerat 05-19-2005 8:57 PM

My Malibu is better on the right (drivers side).

05-19-2005 11:56 PM

It does not matter on my VLX. Just ride toe side and you will do great.

azshan 05-20-2005 10:11 AM

If you're goofy, ride behind your driver. <BR>Have fun <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

clubjoeskier 05-25-2005 7:52 PM

What Rod and Shan said....toes to the wake! <BR> <BR>I tried the other side Monday...Ugh!! Something to work on. Heelside surfing!

eubanks01 05-26-2005 9:37 AM

Thanks for the hints. We'll have to try it soon and see what happens! <BR> <BR>Any board advice for beginners?

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