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jdaviso1 05-15-2005 8:24 AM

Has anybody been riding at El Capitan since it opened? If so, how are the conditions? <BR> <BR>~J. <BR>

buzz_grande 05-15-2005 5:23 PM

I was going to ask the same thing. I plan on getting out there soon. Need to call and find out hours, boat limits, etc.

jdaviso1 05-16-2005 12:44 PM

This should help: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.sandiego.gov/water/recreation/elcap.shtml" target="_blank">http://www.sandiego.gov/water/recreation/elcap.shtml</a> <BR> <BR>~J. <BR>

akman 05-16-2005 6:28 PM

The lake is open Thursday thru Sunday for water contact and fishing on the SAME days and at the SAME time, the lake opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. <BR> <BR>40 boats maximum on the water contact area, the area is basically a big oval like Lake Elsinore with rocky sides so you will get the washing machine effect fast. <BR> <BR>They also allow jet ski's to tow a wakeboarder or skier and they are included in the 40 boat count. <BR> <BR>The only boats allowed in the water contact area are those that have purchased a permit. <BR> <BR>If the lake doesn't have many boats on it there is one side that is pretty wind protected and would allow for decent riding conditions providing there aren't more than a handful of boats. <BR> <BR>There is a jet ski only area and it is marked by a buoy line. <BR> <BR>The narrows are a great place to go and hang out and relax.........calm waters and it goes way back, the downside is no wakeboarding or skiing in that area. <BR> <BR>HUGE downside is it is a long tow on a fairly skinny road with a lot of overhanging brush, the lake hasn't been open for water contact since 1997 so the trees and brush have taken over the road making for a sketchy long tow in and out. <BR> <BR>I drove by on opening day the weekend that San V opened up and there wasn't ONE boat on the water wakeboarding...........GO FIGURE!!! <BR> <BR>Fees are the same as San V $5.00 a person and $5.00 to launch. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps <BR> <BR>Gramps

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