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santa 05-08-2005 8:16 PM

With the WB season just around the corner, I'm looking at forming a WB rider's group in Montreal, Quebec. <BR> <BR>The plan is to go out regularily once to twice per week on a given weekday evening. Possibly weekends as well. I usually ride in Brossard/Laprairie. <BR> <BR>I am no pro rider, but I'm very passionate about this sport. My friends haven't been able to keep pace or to commit to weekly regular WB sessions. So I'd like to hook up with folks who are just as committed to the sport as I am and who love to go out and ride, just for the fun of it. <BR> <BR>I am 36 and I have my own boat; I need to start by finding 2 to 3 committed fellow riders/boatmates. I need at least one person with experience driving boats for towsports. It would be great if more people (boat owners and riders) want to join us as well. <BR> <BR>Santa

mpayette 05-09-2005 6:49 PM

Hi Santa, <BR> <BR>I am too from Brossard and ride on the St-laurent. <BR>I have a SAN TE 2002. <BR>I am not a pro but I have a lot of fun and passionate about the sport. <BR> <BR>I have problems finding a 3rd person and like to ride a lot. <BR> <BR>So if you need somebody or anything drop me an email and I will send you my cell phone number <BR> <BR>L8r dude!

radikal 05-09-2005 10:52 PM

Hey, guyz <BR> <BR>I am from Longueuil, I usually ride in front of the Boucherville marina, i got my boat and we are usually 3-4 riders, me , my girlfriend, 2 of my friends, we are passionate of this sport and we are not pro'S but we ride 5-6 time per week now i got a jetboat but maybe i will change for a 05 SANTE soon. <BR> <BR>Peace ouT

afrodeziak 05-12-2005 5:17 PM

I'm from Calgary but am considering moving to Montreal to ride with you guys and your "hard to find a third" needs. I wish.. <BR> <BR>keep goin strong <BR>Brennan

santa 05-13-2005 7:40 PM

Martin, <BR> <BR>I tried to PM you. Didn't work?

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