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mmobius2001 05-08-2005 12:11 AM

ok, looking at the new boards, which one do you guys think i've heard good things from both. <BR> <BR>im riding a LF 04 Substance right now, i like it but looking to go bigger, im a Intermediate Boarder, i can go wake to wake, grabs, surface tricks, 180's. looking to go w/ at least 1 invert by end of year. <BR> <BR>im looking for a board so i can go BIG i want to get maximum height and possibly go deep into flats. if i cant do inverts i want to be HUGE <BR> <BR>your opinons?

waketac 05-08-2005 4:27 AM

Hi Phil, I had the Parks 143 an liked it a lot. Then tried the premier 141 last season and switched to it, because it gave me the same pop but was more losse on the water an sweeter on the landing. <BR>This year I tried the transcend 142 and this is till now by far the best board Ive ridden. Real good pop, smooth landings and so loose an easy on the water. Ive tried Absolute an Prodigy before, but didn`t really connected with them. <BR>Try the transcend

parksdna133 05-08-2005 7:30 AM

hey i have ridden the Parks 143 and its pretty insane but definetly stay with Hyperlite <BR>

magellan 05-08-2005 8:01 AM

Congratulations on the most ignorant post of the day! <BR> <BR>No matter what it takes, even if it doesn't ride well for you.. stay with Hyperlite. <BR> <BR>...times are changing my young brainwashed friend.

drewsky24 05-08-2005 8:10 AM

I have am '04 Parks 143 for sale for $195 it just has a few smal scratches from wear and tear.

airwarrior04 05-08-2005 9:00 AM

If your gonna get a parks get a '05 it is a little bit more consistent and toned down a little bit! But always the best thing to do is DEMO DEMO DEMO! Good luck! I currrently own a 05 parks if you want more info on it shoot me a PM

wake_eater 05-08-2005 5:50 PM

i have the 04 parks and just bought the 05 transcend. unless you're just a total badass that charges 125% every time and have the balance of a ninja, go with the transcend. yes, i too got caught up in all the hype (no pun intended) and the board was too much for me. the transcend is much more forgiving &amp; also has excellent pop. it pops you from your center of gravity so you dont get bucked all over the place. so take it from me and go with the transcend unless you totally rip.

thane_dogg 05-08-2005 10:19 PM

do you not like the substance? does it not have enough pop? or do you just want a board that goes more out than up? <BR> <BR>

alanp 05-09-2005 1:33 PM

havent ridden the transcend but i just bought one. i have ridden the parks. i didnt like it at all. yes it bucks you pretty huge but i found it uncontrollable. once its set on edge there is no going back. this thing is like a tank. i consider myself an intermediate/average rider. im able to throw a few inverts and a few spins. i didnt feel this board was managable at all.

rake 05-09-2005 2:53 PM

I just bought an '05 parks DNA and I'd agree with what Zack posted, the '05 is far more consistent than previous years. I have an '04 absolute but have not ridden the transcend. I like how the parks tracks, the pop and landings. I'm really happy with the purchase. The best thing you can do if possible is to demo or at least buy from a shop that will let you trade back in if it doesn't work for you.

pierce_bronkite 05-09-2005 2:57 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>Congratulations on the most ignorant post of the day! <BR> <BR>No matter what it takes, even if it doesn't ride well for you.. stay with Hyperlite. <!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>bahahahaha.... Couldnt agree more. Demo both and then decide. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Pierce Bronkite on May 09, 2005)

mmobius2001 05-09-2005 8:31 PM

actually im liking the substance alot right now, i took out the center fin and its sweet as hell to ride now. <BR> <BR>the substance is actually my first real board, i've only riden a Hyperlite Premier DNA a few times but it was a 135 and i couldnt go wake to wake or do anything w/ it. <BR> <BR>from what i've been hearing my substance is a damn good board though.

thane_dogg 05-09-2005 8:45 PM

yeah dude, I went through about 5 boards before I landed on the Substance, and I've been happy ever since. I'm on my second Substance now.

guido 05-10-2005 11:07 AM

Same here.... Stick with the Substance. Best board I have ever ridden. Personally I prefer the 142. I'm surprised you're looking for a board with more pop. The Substance pops pretty hard. Try improving your technique. <BR> <BR>If you are still looking for a new board. My only advice would be to stay away from the pre-'05 Parks board. The older board had tons of pop, but was very difficult to ride. Maybe try the Transcend.

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