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nlitworld 05-07-2005 4:28 PM

ok, I just tried wakeskating, and I basically look like it's my first time up on the water. I'm really sketchy. Anyways, is there any tips on how to have a little more stability on the board, or is it always going to have that slightly uncontrolable feel to it?

aceofdimondz 05-15-2005 7:55 PM

drop your back hand and bend your knees... i learned this from the snap dvd... they call it the safety position... it helps make the board track better... hope this helps! <BR> <BR>~ashley

liquid_force5 06-04-2005 2:19 PM

or you could try riding with fins, if you already arent of course

meyerb 06-09-2005 3:09 PM

Lloyd I see this problem all the time and we have all been there. I ride a cassette concave and it helps a lot to keep my feet as wide as possible pushing against the concave. If you dont have concave it still helps to keep your feet really wide. It really is important to get a board that isnt too big. By having your feet wide you are able to dig your fin into the water. also bending your back knee with a little bit more weight on that foot helps out a lot. Try dropping your back hand but I find that having both hands on the handle mimics wakeboarding and will help you correct any possible falls. If anything practice makes perfect and the more time on the water the more comfortable you will get. <BR>

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