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05-03-2005 6:53 PM

we have a 17ft bayliner bass/ski with a 90 hp force motor,what is that capable of pulling?is it just for tubes,or can you do other stuff? Iam new to this whole thing,so forgive my dumb questions!!

coleebear80 05-05-2005 11:41 AM

Try postin your question under wakeboarding. Nobody ever looks under this bulletin. Good Luck ;-)

boarditup 05-06-2005 5:24 AM

You are marginal. OK for wakeboard, wakeskate, tubes. Slalom may be tough, depending upon weight of skier and type of ski. <BR> <BR>You are at the very entry level of the watersports market. I would suggest you borrow gear and try it out. If you buy a wakeboard, go up one size level from the mfgr rec for easier pulls. <BR> <BR>Good Luck and have fun on the water. In a few years you will probably be looking for a used inboard.

05-13-2005 5:19 PM

thanks guys.this is a cool site,but not many people,is it just me?

tyboarder03 07-04-2005 1:33 PM

yeah it is just you there a a lot of people, but like Nikki said this disscussion board is hardly ever looked at by probably 90 percent of the people on here. <BR>~Tyler~ <BR>

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