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atlsackedup 05-02-2005 8:28 AM

I'm a beginner trying to stick my heelside wake 2 wake jumps and am having a problem getting in the proper landing position. I've been really focusing on my progressive edging and standing tall at the wake to receive maximum pop. For a while, that was an issue with me but now I am getting the pop and getting pretty decent air. Problem is that when I get into the air, I have no idea what to look at (I know not to look down) and I keep getting pulled over forwards towards the boat and landing head first (body goes straight into the water and board stays on top as I shoot out of my bindings). Its getting pretty frustrating as its reaking havoc on my front ankle coming out of the bindings every time, so I'd like to try to avoid this being pulled over manuever. <BR> <BR>Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? Am I letting the rope out in the air and getting pulled over? I know that you're suppose to pull the handle to about your waist/belly button and keep it in tight, so this might be my problem. Also, what am I suppose to look at in the air? The tower or shore/horizon I'm going towards? <BR> <BR>Please help, my ankles can't take much more of this crashing and coming out of my bindings.

liquidmarcus 05-02-2005 2:49 PM

The whole reason you are being pulled over face first is that the rope is being held too high. It's not being held down at your waist where the center of your weight is. Also, just look out into the horizon or across the lake.

atlsackedup 05-02-2005 3:27 PM

Thanks Marcus....I think you're exactly right. The times that I land my jumps are when I make a concious effort to keep the handle at my waist. <BR> <BR>One more thing. If I'm suppose to look into the horizon or across the lake, then how do I anticipate the landing back into the water if I cannot see it coming. If I'm looking out, how will I know when I'm landing so that I can prepare for it? Or is it something that you can just sense? Or is there any preparing to do?

leykis1o1 06-06-2005 11:30 PM

i am a beginner also. without even reading anything i started to land my jumps by looking at the horizon ..it works

nlitworld 06-06-2005 11:39 PM

Andrew, what I've found works best for me is that I do look where I am going to land, but I do not stare at the water underneath me. Spot your landing while still in the air, then look ahead of you WHERE YOU WILL BE GOING, and don't just stare at where you will land. That is what has worked best for me. Also, just a little side note, I wear glasses, so I have very bad eyesight while riding, so I need every bit of help to spot my landings. <BR> <BR>But I do very much agree with Marcus that if you get pulled over in the air, it is because you had the rope too high, and also that you probably had slack in the line and that when the rope tightened it gave a hard tug pulling you forward. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nlitworld on June 06, 2005)

06-14-2005 10:29 PM

Hey for better pop is your rope supposed to be shorter or longer?

06-16-2005 11:19 PM

i had the same problem and just got over it not too long ago. like they said the main thing is to keep your rope by your hips close to your body and not let it out...alot of people let the rope pull there arms out right before hiting the wake. thats the main thing for me.

06-17-2005 8:15 AM

Tom, ive never heard about a rope deciding the kind of pop you get...its all about how you edge and stand straight up. i am still learning how to pop but make sure you DO NOT make an ollie motion. i just kinda ramp the wake real small. Brandon knows, seeing as how he is my wakeboard partner most of the time.

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