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05-01-2005 4:14 PM

I have decided to buy a bimini for my '86 SN 2001, but I need one that will be compatable with my high pole. Does anyone have any specific make or model they would reccomend?

ccryder 05-01-2005 4:44 PM

I had a MC with a Skylon and I ordered a bimini from Overtons and marked where the pole would penetrate the bimini. I took it to an upholstery shop and had them put a zipper about 12" long so I could unzip it for the pole. I had the zipper running front to back so the tension on the bimini wouldn't try to pull the zipper apart when closed. Is your pole one or two piece? If it is one piece, it will be more of a chore to get it through the hole when opening and closing the bimini. Hope that might help.

05-01-2005 5:21 PM

What is the color, and beam of ur boat. I have a dark blue bimini, with grey stipes, that I used for my old boat, it has the cut outs for the sky pole. My old boat has a 90 inch beam.. Ill get rid of this thing real cheap..its just taking up room in my garage

powerstroke 05-02-2005 5:05 AM

i just cut a hole in my bimini and then sewed around the edges with dental floss. sounds crazy but much stronger than thread and that way your bimini doesn't rip.

matt_w 05-02-2005 12:17 PM

Ski Limited sells a bimini with a zippered cut out for a extended pylon, and it is 6' long so you get good coverage.

05-02-2005 1:24 PM

Craig- My boat is maroon and white, so a blue bimini wouldn't really match, but thanks for the offer. I think I'm gonna look into Jim's idea. I know a guy who does apholstry, so I'll ask him if he can do it. <BR> <BR>Thanks guys <BR>

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