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litlone873 04-25-2005 10:34 AM

I am 5'0" tall with a size 6 foot. I currently have the Hyperlite Split bindings (mini) and they squeeze my foot making my toes go numb. They also are too high on my calf so I can barely get the top cinch closed. <BR> <BR>Does anyone know of another binding that is low cut for us shorter women? I have been looking at the Hyperlite Vargas but want to know if there is anything else out there I should consider before spending more money on yet ANOTHER pair of bindings.

coleebear80 04-25-2005 11:42 PM

I'm also a shorty: 5'0" but my foot is a little bigger: size 7. I actually ride the Hyperlite Essence 131 with the Vargas bindings. I am really stoked on the bindings. I used them all last year and didn't have a problem. Before I bought them, I did a lot of research and heard mixed opinions about them. For me, they've been great. Good Luck ;-)

addictedchick 04-26-2005 6:19 PM

The Hyperlite vargas are shorter and wider. I have them, but I have to warn you, your feet come out of them every crash. I'm 5'2 with size 6 ft, so we prob have the same size foot.

04-27-2005 8:41 AM

i am totally particular about my bindings and how they fit, etc. tried about 6 pairs before finally buying my most favorite bindings ever..... <BR>liquid force alphas <BR>they are guys bindings in xs or small (can't remember) but they were the only ones that didn't totally dig into my calf, make my foot fall asleep OR fall off when i crashed. <BR>i LOVE them! <BR>and instead of buying new ones just by our rec's, ask your local boardshop if you can just demo a few pairs; it's the best way to go if you're about to spend a few hundred bux;) <BR>

litlone873 04-27-2005 9:07 AM

Thanks everyone for your input. <BR> <BR>Shan, how high do the Alpha's come up on your calf? How tall are you? <BR>

04-27-2005 9:14 AM

i am about 5'4" and the alpha's come up to the bottom of my calf; and, hmmm how do i put this and not sound totally lame... i have really strong/dancer calves?? i have guys boots for wakeboarding and snowboarding <BR>

05-02-2005 9:32 PM

i have small feet and i use obrien ions

gypsy12 05-06-2005 9:20 AM

I used to have the numb toes problem too, in more than one type of binding. I am 5'4" and wear about a size 8. Anyway, I know they're a bit expensive (I got mine barely used) but the CWB Zeus bindings are the only ones I found that are downright comfy. Love 'em! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by gypsy12 on May 06, 2005)

05-11-2005 9:07 AM

the liquid force minx were actually made for women, unlike others on the market which are mens boots in pretty colors. on all women our calves are longer than mens and so even being tall, my feet and legs would always cramp up in mens boots. the minx are cut way lower and are intended for women. the small would probably fit you awesome. check out your local shop and see if you can try some on. good luck!

08-30-2005 12:24 PM

i just got a set of mini spins, I get the hook up from a friend who sells wakeboard gear and accessories, he always hooks me up with the best fitting gear for my height and size-- I also wear a size 6, I hear the vargas bindings are great- the best thing really is to ask someone who knows alot about the apparel

litlone873 08-30-2005 12:33 PM

I ended up buying some 04 Hyperlite Vargas (mini) and they are SOOOOO much more comfy and I can actually get the top strap cinched!

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