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mmobius2001 04-22-2005 1:35 PM

i am 6ft and about 185, i currently ride the Liquid Force Skim Skate, and i can stay in the pocket, but really am working on spins and tricks. <BR> <BR>im looking for a new board that is best for that, is it the Five-O if so which kind. <BR> <BR>thanks

supraboard 04-25-2005 9:29 AM

I rode the LF Inlander yesterday and it was awesome, I am 6' and 220. The board had no problem getting the pocket or having enough push to make a recovery from the back of the wave. All in all I think this is the best board I have surfed. I have ridden the Landlock, Trick board, and CWB Ride, as well as a 7'3" surfboard with 21" width.

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