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04-19-2005 10:58 PM

Anyone have or seen a Jobe slalom from roughly 1997. Dark green and black. 1650 or 1450 series. Flexon graphite. I had souble boots fitted to my feet and I haven't had a nice ride since getting a new ski.

04-20-2005 7:26 AM

Dont' quite know what you are asking. <BR> <BR>Yes, I've seen them. <BR> <BR>Check Ebay if you're looking to buy one.

boarditup 04-21-2005 6:38 AM

Depending upon what ski you have, you probably have a set-up problem. Skis are very responsive to tuning, down to .002 inches can make a huge difference.

04-30-2005 4:22 AM

I've checked ebay and they don't have what I used to have. I currently have a Kidder, the board is to big and not as narrow as my Jobe was.

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