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wakeking933 04-16-2005 5:48 PM

i just bought a boat and the interior is really dirty i tried super clean and a couple other things any suggestions

cyclonecj 04-16-2005 6:34 PM

I did mine today and had great luck with 3M vinyl cleaner and restorer, from West Marine. You have to scrub with a fine, short bristle brush, but my seats now look like new. My interior has deep grain and was very dirty, the cleaner alone won't do it, you need to scrub it. Toothbrush works great but takes forever.

dba4life 04-16-2005 7:48 PM

Mr Clean Magic Eraser will work wonders

sydwayz 04-16-2005 7:54 PM

I second the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Absolutely works the best. Gets out most anything.

talltigeguy 04-16-2005 7:55 PM

My owner's manual says Fantastik. I've never had mine really dirty, though. The worst was when a boat shop left mine out in a huge windstorm. I second the use of a brush. With that and Fantastik it looked good as new.

powaman 04-16-2005 8:13 PM

"Degreaser" works really good from my experience. I detail cars and this stuff works good, don't know who makes it or what it's actually called(I know pretty useless) lol but we buy it in like huge containers so I have no idea but ya just scrub good.

wake_upppp 04-17-2005 6:03 PM

Malco Leather &amp; Plastic Cleaner. Works better than anything mentioned, it's made specificaly for upholstery, and it won't hurt the thread. (very important)... &amp; 303 for protectant. <BR><a href="http://www.malcopro.com" target="_blank">www.malcopro.com</a>

akman 04-17-2005 7:52 PM

I have had great success with "Citrus Orange" degreaser/cleaner....my interior has deep grains too. I use a soft bristle brush and Citrus Orange diluted 50/50 with water, it comes clean and looks brand new. I then use 3M vinyl restorer to put moisture and shine back into the vinyl.

whitlock87 04-17-2005 10:07 PM

I use a product called Tuff Stuff.(Yellow Bottle)You can get it at most grocery Stores for around $4.50 <BR>After cleaning I use 303 to seal everything. Works grate <BR> <BR>Be careful not to use anything with bleach. <BR>Tige makes my boat, they say to stay away from Simple Green and 409! <BR>

jon43 04-18-2005 5:17 AM

Mr. Clean magic eraser!!!!!!!!!!

juice75 04-18-2005 3:06 PM

Add another 'Yes' for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Those things are a gift from God.

wakeking933 04-25-2005 6:33 PM

Thanks For the in put guys i will try that <BR>

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