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wakeworld 03-31-2005 12:06 AM

I've got a board that I want to hang on the wall, but I want to paint or airbrush some words on it first. I have no artistic talent, so I can't do it myself and have it look anywhere near decent. <BR> <BR>Any ideas? Any artists in San Diego that want to do me a solid?

erik_c 03-31-2005 5:21 PM

Ive seen spray paint stencils before so I would say yes for hanging on the wall, but why not cut it up add some chuncks of neoprene and rope and call it your existencal art and every one will think your an art buff.

summerryder 03-31-2005 8:49 PM

Do me a solid? <BR> <BR>Cosmo Kramer is looking for a hook-up! <BR> <BR>Just go to Jerry's house and get some free food...

three6ty 03-31-2005 9:12 PM

JB, <BR>Whats the vibe on the pro scene when a rider changes teams and board companies? In particular, do other pros really care what team other riders ride for? Obviously with Shapiro switching board sponsors it has to casue a little turmoil with other riders on the latter team, I would think!!!! Or does everybody just "stay friends" regardless. <BR> <BR>Second topic, What is in NJ for you? Seems out of the loop of wakeboarding up there unless that is where the TV gig is based out of. <BR> <BR>Last but not least , What was the name of the Wakeboard Mag you used to run back in the day? <BR> <BR> I met you briefly back in the day 1998, when you went out to Laughlin for a photo shoot and get together for the Magazine with all the SoCal boys ( sayer, Seags, Grace, the guys from Krown, and so on) . Also was the first time many people saw IKE ride ( and he killed it). I was working for Nabisco back then and Brought a ton of Food out to munch on. <BR>Sorry for the dissertation but I just saw you posting on here and thought I'd say what's up!! and ask those questions that have been on mind for a while. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Erik

nj_alex 03-31-2005 9:13 PM

Art supply stores often have sheets of cool rub-on letters. I used to use them to make fliers back in the punk rock days. <BR> <BR>The boat's going in soon JB. Are you ready for some frosty salt water mayhem?

socalwakepunk 03-31-2005 9:27 PM

Take it to someone who does helmet art (your local MX shop probably has hook up).

penny4urthots 03-31-2005 11:08 PM

David- <BR> <BR>I have a buddy that does some pretty cool stuff. He just got done doing a 5x10 ft mural in the showroom along with 3 airbrushed boat logos on the wall. If Buffy comes down for the sale he can check em out for you. Let's put it this way, Rich Silva (Hyperlite) was setting up his booth for the show and was pretty stocked on the work and wants my friend to do some design for him as well. Hit me up if you want his contact info. Hope you guys will make it to the event this weekend, it's looking pretty solid so far!

wakeworld 03-31-2005 11:12 PM

Nice work JB. I was wondering if anybody would get that. "I've never done a 'solid' before."

summerryder 04-01-2005 11:03 AM

Erik, <BR> <BR>Man, that Nabisco hook-up was awesome. Back in 1998 we organized 20 wakebaorders to do a photo shoot for a special trip edition Launch Wakeboard Magazine (Which later became BlueTorch which later became Alliance). We opened the trip to anyone who wanted to come and Erik was one person who replied. Well, Erik, who worked for Nabisco, shows up with two WAREDROBE boxes filled with cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts and other sweet treats. Erik single handedly turbocharged everyone on the trip! <BR> <BR>As foir living in New Jersey, my wife and I are both from here and wanted our children to be raised near the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There are a ton of good places to ride and there are pockets of committed riders (NJ Alex being a top dog in this category) who ride all teh time. In fact, the riding spot close to my home here in Southern New Jersey that I have ridden teh last few seasons is perfect for wakeboarding. <BR> <BR>As for riders switching board sponsors, usually very little is made of it.Years ago the story was a little different, but times were much more turbulent in the wakeboarding marketplace. Obviously Darin is a big name and brings a lot of attention, but everyone has has known each other for a long time and it really won't ruffle any feathers. Some of the mid level guys on LF might wonder if marketing and advertising chances they could have gotten will now go to Darin, but you really can't argue about what Darin has done and what he brings to the table.

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