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stephan 03-30-2005 10:26 AM

Hey folks, I hit my first TS Double up yesterday & tried to throw a backroll. I certainly flubbed it midair but got lots of height. What tricks do you guys recommend throwing? I was thinking about trying my off axis spins on it, whattya think?

socalwakepunk 03-30-2005 6:58 PM

I think you ought to try this one <a href="http://www.downsideupvideo.com/index.lasso?fuseaction=downsideup.bonus" target="_blank">http://www.downsideupvideo.com/index.lasso?fuseaction=downsideup.bonus</a> <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>!

brhanley 04-01-2005 3:06 PM

I'd think doing some straight airs first would help. I probably try about 1-2 toe d-ups per year (driver error or weird shore configuration) and they haven't gone well. I did hit a sweet one about 6-7 years ago. Felt really good. <BR> <BR>From there, I would imagine it would depend on what you're good at doing. I personally would probably try a crow as my first invert and a 3 or 5 spin.

nofearrider 06-29-2005 7:06 PM

go for the 10, u get the money that comes along with it

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