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sid7 03-29-2005 8:46 AM

This company was only out a few years back four or five years ago. Anyone remember this company or have any of these boards???

sid7 03-29-2005 6:14 PM

anyone?? Has anyone even ridden one?

poser007 03-29-2005 7:53 PM


electricsnow 03-30-2005 2:48 AM

I remember the company but I don't have a board. I thought one was recently on ebay.

kristian 03-30-2005 3:20 AM

I remember them. Didn't steve edwards ride for them for a while? <BR>I remember an add in WBM there seamed pretty simple kinda squirt shapes, I'm not sure its been a while.

wakeworld 03-30-2005 6:22 AM

I have a System 7 pen. It's one of those astronaut pens that writes upside down. This has no relevance at all, but I wanted to brag about my pen.

sid7 03-30-2005 7:22 AM

yeah steven edwards rode one for a few years. I used to rep a little for them and I was wondering if anyone still had one, I just wanted one for suvinour sake.

electricsnow 03-30-2005 11:26 AM

David williams, If I could remember all of the names from seinfeld, I'd go into the whole skit about jerry getting that pen from his dad's neighbor in del boca vista, and how a big deal was made about that pen. Ahhh, seinfeld... <BR> <BR>See, this one didn't have any relevance either.

wakeworld 03-30-2005 11:36 AM

Don't get me started on Jack Clompus... <BR> <BR>"Take the pen. Do me a personal favor and take the pen!"

colorider 03-30-2005 1:36 PM

This isn't a wizard. Its a willard.

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