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cpferris 03-28-2005 7:32 AM

Hello, been lurking on this board for awhile, but finally took the plunge and registered. I've been wakeboarding for about a year and a half on Eagle Lake in Edwardsburg, MI. Just this winter I bought my wife a 2004 Liquid Force Diva 128 so she could ride a board a little more her size. <BR> <BR>Anyway, her board was slightly used and had no center fins. I called LF and they said that the center fin on the Diva is 1.2. Does anyone know any good location online to purchase fins? I've tried the usual places I know of (overtons, wakeside, etc) but none of them had this size. I drove to Barts Watersports and they had some Rainbow fins, but they were $20 a piece and my wife isn't nearly good enough to need a performance fin. <BR> <BR>I figured if anyone would know a good place to look it would be here. Just thought I'd stop in, say hello and ask for help. <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR>Chad

rynron1722 03-28-2005 8:14 AM

buywake.com lbf cneter fin 1.2 is 15.99 I think the price is for the set. You might want to call and ask.

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