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twakess 03-24-2005 10:03 AM

Well, its coming up on us fast. Most of us have started. So what are your goals for this season. Mine are to share all the stoke with my friends and meet new ones along the way. As for tricks I want to keep what I have and get them dialed in at a longer line and also learn to ride switch.

jarrod 03-24-2005 10:08 AM

I want to figure out how I landed that first 5 so I can do it again. Scarecrow and/or TS front. Raley.

ridn9high 03-24-2005 10:18 AM

For myself I want a couple more inverts and get my spins dialed in. <BR> <BR>Last season I spent a lot of time teaching and have some of the best memories doing that. My goal is to do the same this year and bring a lot more kids out. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ridn9high on March 24, 2005)

hymaeringo 03-24-2005 10:32 AM

grabbed scarecrows so I can start grabbing my crow mobes. also tantrum to blind, roll to revert, hs5's and bs3's, ok ok this is getting carried away but one last wish for santa to bring me is hoochies. ts/bs 180 If I get half that I will be happy....maybe

aspenshayn 03-24-2005 10:36 AM

I really want the raley. need to work on riding switch as well. main goal is to get my confidence back after being out last year w/ torn acl.

jon4pres 03-24-2005 10:38 AM

Get a boat so I can stop begging my uncle for his. After that ride at least 3 nights all summer.

jon4pres 03-24-2005 10:39 AM

Get a boat so I can stop begging my uncle for his. After that ride at least 3 nights a week all summer.

stanfield 03-24-2005 11:07 AM

Not get hurt.

tyler_o 03-24-2005 1:22 PM

Stanfield, <BR> <BR>An often overlooked prerequisite to having a good season... <BR> <BR>"Not get hurt."

antbug 03-24-2005 1:30 PM

Back roll, 3, and BS 180

breakz77 03-24-2005 1:31 PM

I definatly want to get my switch riding down

pappasurf 03-24-2005 1:40 PM

Well I started with some different goals in mind, but once I broke my leg things changed. So my goal is 1) get healed and back on the water 2) regain all my old tricks 3) work on ts jumps and frontside 180's (regular and switch) 4)and work on both hs &amp; ts backside 180's (regular and switch) 5) If by some miracle I manage to do all this I would like to try the trick that took my leg in the first place... Backroll. I guess that adds up to 7 new tricks which is quite a bit, but I'll be happy if I can just get my old tricks and a few new 180's so that I'm more sound fundamentally. And of course the most important goal of all avoid any additional injury.

poser007 03-24-2005 3:20 PM

This year I would like to go w2w with maybe some 180's and grabs along the way. If I get that dialed in, Im thinking maybe try a back roll or tantrum or both. Im curious how long some of you were riding before you were throwing inverts? or at least trying to throw them?

ridn9high 03-24-2005 3:48 PM

Daniel- <BR>I rode about a year before I threw my first tantrum. I should have thrown it sooner but didn't have the guts to.

blake_hughes 03-24-2005 4:34 PM

I agree with Stanfield, "Not get hurt." I've only been riding for a month, or so, now, and have already dislocated a shoulder, busted my head open, and knocked myself out last week... I'm just hoping to make it through the season! <BR> <BR>-Blake

blabel 03-24-2005 4:40 PM

Improve my style. That's my priority. <BR> <BR>My main priority is to get my 4 year old nephew to start carving around and maybe even jumping by the middle of summer.

walt 03-24-2005 5:07 PM

HS 180 , HS 180 to blind, more POP would be good and at the end of summer it would be nice to not suck quite as much as I do now. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> That's probably unrealistic but I can dream can't I ? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

dukeboy 03-24-2005 5:33 PM

Improve my style. <BR>HS Blind 5's. <BR>TS Blind 3's. <BR>Avoid serious injuries. <BR>Try wakeskating more.

dbo 03-24-2005 8:51 PM

Hey mike if you need someone to teach i am always willing to drive to learn.

nlitworld 03-24-2005 10:32 PM

First off, my main goal is to get more people to go out wakeboarding with me and actually ride. Most of the guys that come out just hang out and don't actually try. Secondly, I want to finally land w2w 180s and 3s and get some more height in my jumps. Thirdly, if and when I feel up to it, I want to try an invert of some sort and raleys without getting hurt too much. If I could just do that as well as having fun all summer, I would be one very happy camper. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nlitworld on March 24, 2005)

jmo52 03-24-2005 11:04 PM

To look back at this time next year and think"Man I'm way better than I was".

sbvfive 03-24-2005 11:13 PM

Like was stated above, for me, hell with new tricks! Two seasons ago, I blew out my left knee, tearing my ACL, MCL and basically destroying my meniscus. I rehabbed like a mad man, got back into riding, and figured it was time for me to try some crow mobes. I was getting really close, but then on an attempt i slipped out on the landing with my arm behind me, severely dislocating my shoulder, which required surgery to hold it together so it wouldn't pop out every ten seconds. So I rehabbed like a mad man again, and this season, I am all about having fun!! I rode for the first time in over a month today, and did nothing but carves and lip tricks for 45 minutes and had a freaking blast doing it!!

lance_ss 03-24-2005 11:19 PM

get my ass back into shape

nlitworld 03-25-2005 12:01 AM

Scott, you just gotta love those big carves and lip tricks. I love going along by objects and just spraying them with water, especially if the objects are people on a dock. Good luck on staying healthy this year.

ridn9high 03-25-2005 1:06 AM

Derek- <BR>If you are willing to drive 1700 miles I will defintely teach you. LOL Monday is my last day in Cali then it is off to Oklahoma. Will be back for a couple weeks in the summer maybe we can hook up.

hyperlitenrd 03-25-2005 1:34 AM

goals for this season: stop sucking <BR> <BR> <BR>but really <BR> <BR>get all my 180s down, hs ts fs bs, grab the 180s. 360s would be nice, but thats a maybe. tantrum, maybe ts frontroll. a raley would be awesome, gotta work on my cut. get all of my tricks over to switch.

twisted 03-25-2005 7:13 AM

I want to get this ankle thing behind me and then get some serious educating...I'm getting to old to try things one day and then spending the next 3 recovering. I want to change my personal quote from "pass the advil" to " F-YEAH!" <BR>

leggester 03-25-2005 7:17 AM

Teach my daughter to drive a course. <BR> <BR>

aspenshayn 03-25-2005 7:48 AM

also want to work on hitting double ups

fly135 03-25-2005 7:58 AM

Hey Scott, ya gonna be out on the cable this weekend? I'm gonna be working on the raley off the cheese wedge and then maybe I can move on to an air raley. Which is my goal for this year (month?). Plus the tantrum as well.

stephan 03-25-2005 10:14 AM

This next quarter at school we are planning on riding every Tuesday &amp; Thursday before class with weekends definately mixed in. This past quarter was spent hitting the gym &amp; working on flexibility &amp; explosiveness. The goal is start ripping by summers start, June 18th. I wanna get my HS 5 dialed, grab my roll to revert, figure out that damn BS 3, get over fear of re-injury &amp; stick that damn HS front, get that crowmobe finally and basically learn as many new tricks as I can. I've been moderately stuck at my level for awhile now &amp; it's time to end that. Screw injury, I am invincible &amp; I will ride the entire spring without fail. I'm just hoping confidence plays a role in not getting injured.

tonis 03-25-2005 10:36 AM

Need to be more consistant on crows, cab rolls, and get the guts to huck a h/s front.

dbo 03-25-2005 11:10 AM

hey mike i live in arizona but i come back to the bay frequently so just let me know when you are going back. y oklahoma though.

sbvfive 03-25-2005 12:13 PM

John, what day are you heading out?? Both?? I may head over there, depends on the surf report and whether I can come up with $30. Good luck with the raleys!

fly135 03-25-2005 12:28 PM

Scott, I'll be out there Sat and Sun afternoon. I was thinking about going tonight too, but it looks like rain.

guido 03-25-2005 12:53 PM

Hey.... Look at that. Tonis finally got bored enough to sign in. Go to work lazy A$$. <BR> <BR>Ha, ha. <BR> <BR>I want some more inverts.... I'll trade somebody a BS 3 or TS-BS 180 for a new invert or two. My goal is to huck myself into oblivion this year and try everything I think of, instead of saying I'll try something new after I stick all the stuff I've got.

twakess 03-25-2005 1:40 PM

Evan, which invert do you want to trade for the TS BS 180?

aidan 03-25-2005 2:05 PM

Stay on 2-wheels

clubmyke 03-25-2005 2:14 PM

get acl &amp; mcl, and miniscuss repaired...and be back on the water in 6 months..

big_xstar 03-25-2005 3:28 PM

Mike--sorry to hear.. is that the definete diagnosis on the knee? Sorry to hijack this thread.. Mike just give me a call later. <BR> <BR>This year so far has been pretty good for me so far...knock on wood. other than dealing with my ongoing ankle problems, I landed my backrolls finally( thanks to all the riders, you know who you are who helped me get that monkey off my back ) and landed my first tantrum too. With the rest of the year to look forward to I am hoping to stick some 3's and practice my raley's. <BR>

clubmyke 03-25-2005 3:42 PM

waiting on a mri appointment....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0>

clubjoeskier 03-25-2005 4:15 PM

I told someone last year I wanted to land some kind of roll before summer ended in '05'. My slalom is shelved.....for now I'm trying to focus on proper technique, and get comfortable changing to switch. <BR> <BR>I plan on cheating, by taking lessons when my stamina firms up, regular and switch...Sound do-able, anyone? I go W2W, regular only right now... <BR> <BR>Good luck with your MRI, Mike.

kraig 03-25-2005 5:13 PM

Meet more women on the lake and/or take more women to the lake!! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

big_ed_x2 03-25-2005 5:14 PM

Mike ~ Heard about your injury.....MAN THAT BLOWS A BIG ONE,hopefully when you get your MRI it won't be so bad and my recomendation is stay off the wakeboard or wakeskate or kneeboard or...you get the pic.Get better soon!!keep us informed!! <BR> <BR>As for the goals...Ride 5 to 6 time a week and hopefully I'll land that hs3,ts180 and get enough balls to try an invert..backroll,tantrum! <BR> <BR>That's it.hehehehe I'll get it too!

clubmyke 03-25-2005 6:02 PM

thanks for the good words !!!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>will be hitting you guys up for going out ( my boat or yours) i can still drive and make for damn good ballast..50% of the fun is in the boat !!!

thane_dogg 03-25-2005 9:12 PM

blind half-cab.

breakz77 03-26-2005 9:22 AM

Mike you're right, most of the fun is just being on the boat out in the water!

wakeboard4life 03-26-2005 9:32 AM

getting on the water again because i missed all of last season because of no boat <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/sad.gif" border=0>

big_xstar 03-26-2005 10:02 AM

Hey breakz77--do you have only 1 arm? Just saw the pic in your profile..

breakz77 03-26-2005 10:08 AM

haa... no I got both arms.

big_xstar 03-26-2005 10:13 AM

o.. ok.. my bad.. looks like that in your pic.. There was a post not to long ago on here about 1 armed wakeboarders (my g/f is one of them). Just caught my attention.. <BR>

ridn9high 03-26-2005 4:41 PM

Derek, <BR>I sent you a PM so I wouldn't change the subjec of the thread.

breakz77 03-26-2005 7:49 PM

Kevin, <BR>Yea I read that post. That's tight that your gf still rides! I definatly would ride to. In that pic I was going for a grab.

tonis 03-27-2005 6:23 PM

Kevin <BR>Props on your girl riding! Get her a clincher glove she'll be able to ride longer. Takes the strain off the forearm.

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